McDonald's releases new cheese sharebox

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Oh, and it's now a permanent fixture on the menu. [Photo: McDonald's]
Oh, and it's now a permanent fixture on the menu. [Photo: McDonald's]

Not content with launching spicy chicken nuggets in the UK, McDonald’s has come at us with another gem of a release.

Enter the cheese bite sharebox.

The only thing we’re not too keen on about this new launch is the share part.

These cheesy bites are set to be a permanent part of the menu, however, the flavours inside will change every six weeks. Intriguing.

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First up to face our critique is the cheese and herb melts, which will be available for six weeks from 25th September.

Fans of the sharebox may remember that this isn’t the first time these cheesy bites have been available.

The Emmental and Mozzarella cheese nuggets had a brief spell on the menu over a year ago.

The “sharing platter” costs £4.49 and includes 15 delightfully gooey cheese bites and three dips.

That’s the same price as a 20-piece chicken nugget sharebox (again with the sharebox), for those keeping tally.

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If you fancy a smaller portion, you can get yourself 5 cheese bites and one dip for £1.69.

You can pick up the bites after breakfast is over at 10.30am (or 11am if your local is one of the lucky - or unlucky in the case of cheese bites - stores).

They earned a place on the menu after a successful launch during the World Cup last year.

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They were only available through McDelivery, but people were arguably more excited about them than the World Cup.

Because of their loyal band of followers, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon and we are more than thankful for that.

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