Matt Goss can't be silly in public because of his fame

Matt Goss is 'silly' credit:Bang Showbiz
Matt Goss is 'silly' credit:Bang Showbiz

Matt Goss finds it hard to show his “silly” side.

The Bros singer insisted he doesn’t take himself as seriously as people think he does but he finds it hard to let down his guard and let others see how “goofy” he can be.

He told Red magazine: “I’m much more silly than people realise.

“It’s hard to get yourself across when you’re slightly reserved.

“I wish I could be more silly in the public space, but even if you and I were hanging out for a week, it would take a while for me to be really goofy.”

Matt and his twin brother Luke had explosive rows in their 2017 documentary ‘Bros: After The Screaming Stops’ and the ‘I Owe You Nothing’ hitmaker explained the arguments were just the “tip of the iceberg” but refused to stay what has caused the tension between them.

He said: “The irate moments in that movie were never properly explored.

“It was only the tip of the iceberg. There was a reason, which we haven’t spoken about – and I don’t know if we ever will.”

But the programme has brought the pair closer together and they are discussing the idea of making another documentary – but are “terrified” it could go badly wrong.

Matt said: “Because of it, I believe we’ve found a place where we won’t throw it all away.

“I’d say this to Luke now – he’s my best made and I don’t care about anything that’s happened.

“We do want to tour with each other again, and he also wants to do another documentary of us making new music, which I like the idea of but I’m also terrified because it’s either going to be fantastic or we’re going to kill each other.”