MasterChef's Gregg Wallace surprises autistic son with adorable birthday gift as he celebrates milestone

MasterChef star Gregg Wallace has shared the adorable gift he bought for his son's birthday. The 59 year old shares five year old Sid with his wife, Anne-Marie Sterpini, 37, who he wed in 2016.

The TV judge has previously spoken about how Sid has been diagnosed as autistic, and revealed some of the challenges the family faces dealing with the non-verbal little boy.

But now, as the Wallace family mark a huge milestone by welcoming a new member to care for - a guinea pig - Gregg took to Instagram to share that he had gifted his son the adorable Peruvian rodent for his birthday.

He posted a picture of Anne-Marie crouched next to a spacious two-level indoor hutch with an attached run for their furry friend to exercise in.

Last year Gregg explained that Sid was still using nappies and enjoyed a limited diet of food due to his autism. He also admitted he finds himself "troubled" by the fact his son is unable to express his emotions and communicate his feelings at times, but both he and Annie-Marie remain "optimistic" about their son's future and are doing everything possible to understand their son's world.

"There's lots of eye contact and smiles, and a cuddle is Sid's default position," the proud dad explained, before going on to discuss some tougher aspects of parenting Sid. He told The Sun: "When he's unhappy, he can't tell us. If he's scared or unwell, he can't tell us. That's quite nerve-racking for a parent.

Earlier this year, Gregg faced some harsh criticism online after sharing details about his typical Saturday. He was quoted saying he "wouldn't have chosen" to have his son, which led to a wave of negative comments on social media.

Speaking to the Mirror, Gregg expressed his shock at the reaction to the article, which went viral and saw him trending on Twitter for most of a week. Following the backlash, he insisted his home is "filled with love".

Gregg Wallace's son
Gregg Wallace's son

The interview format, titled 'My Saturday', provides a glimpse into celebrities' lives by detailing what they do at different times on a typical Saturday. Gregg's day included breakfast with his PA at a Harvester, leading to comparisons with Alan Partridge. He also shared that parts of his day are spent playing with his autistic son Sid and enjoying computer games.