Married At First Sight are bringing in eight 'intruders' in series twist – meet the new brides and grooms

Adrienne on Married at First Sight UK
Adrienne on Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)

We are loving the new series of Married at First Sight UK. The new episodes only began last week but we've already seen plenty of jaw-dropping moments and sparks between (some of) our couples.

But the UK version of the reality show, airing nightly on E4, has decided to mix up its format and add some new brides and grooms to the mix. The new singles will, like the other couples, meet their match for the first time at the altar. But with newbies added to the group, will heads turn?

Let's get to know the new brides and grooms joining Married at First Sight UK…

The new grooms


JJ is a 30-year-old fashion brand owner from Essex. The self-confessed "mummy's boy" wants to make his mum proud on his wedding day and is hoping to ditch the "Essex boy" stereotype. He's also described as a "massive softie and a hopeless romantic at heart."

JJ from MAFS UK (Channel 4)


Sheffield-based personal trainer, Jordan, is a 26-year-old hoping to meet the bride of his dreams on his day. He's described as a "complete socialite", but is missing a life partner to share his life experiences with.

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Jordan from Married at First Sight UK
Jordan from Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)


Thirty-six-year-old Mark is based in London and works as a customer service manager. Mark is looking for Mr. Right at the altar and describes himself as a "fashionista." He's also had his fair share of heartache and turmoil and is hoping the experts can find him his happy ever after.

Mark from MAFS UK
Mark from MAFS UK (Channel 4)


Matt, 26, is from Harrogate and works as a window cleaner and is a keen athlete. Matt has been single for a year and says he's ready to find the perfect person.

Matt from Married At First Sight UK
Matt from Married At First Sight UK (Channel 4)


Sean, 31, is from Durham and works as a Store Manager. Sean says he's fashion-savvy, a party animal and very career driven. Sean said that coming out to his friends and family later in life meant that he feels lost years he could have spent navigating the gay scene. Now, Sean is putting his fate in the hands of the experts.

Sean from MAFS UK
Sean from MAFS UK (Channel 4)

The new brides


Twenty-six year old Adrienne is a project support officer from Cumbria who feels like she's run out of options when it comes to dating. She's driven, independent and is hoping to find someone who can match her level.

Adrienne on MAFS UK
Adrienne on MAFS UK (Channel 4)


Bianca, 29, is based in Buxton and is a hair extension specialist. Bianca is described as glam, strong and career driven. But now, she's looking to put love first.

Bianca from MAFS UK
Bianca from MAFS UK (Channel 4)


Edinburgh-based Erica, 25, enjoyed a career as a dancer before becoming a teacher and social media manager.

Erica from MAFS UK
Erica from MAFS UK (Channel 4)

She says she's been heartbroken in the past after dating "players" and is now desperately looking for The One.