Married couple travel to 40 countries in two years – despite working full-time

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The couple have travelled 41 countries in two years. [Photo: Instagram/@fourhappyfeet]
The couple have travelled 41 countries in two years. [Photo: Instagram/@fourhappyfeet]

Sangam Bhandari and his wife Shikha Neupane, both 28, travel to a different country most weekends.

The pair, who both work full-time and earn around 50K annually, have visited 40 countries in the past two years.

While many may puzzle over how the couple manage to maintain this globetrotter lifestyle, Sangam insists it’s all to do with budgeting and meticulous planning around their work schedules.

We fly out after work on Friday, mostly around 6pm and get to our destination for around 8ish, just in time to relax and have dinner,’ explains Sangam, who lives with his wife in Kent, to Yahoo Style UK.

“We then set two full days to explore that place and then head back to London on Sunday night, and go back to work on Monday.”

As for costs, the pair spend an average of £300 between them on their trips away, which generally take place over a weekend.

Their cheapest trip was a weekend in Barcelona, which cost the couple just £100 each.

They have also taken long-haul trips to places such as Australia, Thailand and Vietnam – and will splash out for these more long-distance trips.

“Our upcoming trip to Maldives next month probably is going to be the most expensive one. The sea plane alone from Male airport to the hotel is going to cost us around £400 per person for a 30 minute flight,” says Sangam.

The pair say they budget £1500 for travel each month.

“Purchasing the flights and booking hotels in advance always saves us the money.

“We also use credit card with no transaction fees while abroad. Every little thing adds up.”

This is the full list of countries visited by Sangham and Shikha in two years:

1 Destinations around the UK

2 Andorra

3 Austria

4 Belgium

5 Bulgaria

6 Croatia

7 Cyprus

8 Czech Republic

9 Denmark

10 France

11 Germany

12 Greece

13 Hungary

14 Iceland

15 Italy

16 Liechtenstein

17 Luxembourg

18 Malta

19 Monaco

20 Netherlands

21 Norway

22 Poland

23 Portugal

24 Romania

25 San Marino

26 Slovakia

27 Slovenia

28 Spain

29 Sweden

30 Switzerland

31 Vatican City

32 India

33 Indonesia

34 Malaysia

35 Nepal

36 Singapore

37 Thailand

38 Vietnam

39 USA

40 Australia

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