Married at First Sight Reunion: Which couples are forever - and which are for now?

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As summer ended, many of us found ourselves glued to the sunny gardens, tropical honeymoons and sobbing meltdowns of Married at First Sight, E4's reality programming jewel in the crown.

Whether it was Nikita's screeching tantrums at patient, baffled Ant, the adorable purity of Matt and Dan's true love or the 'we're having kids' bombshell romance of Adam and Tayah, this year's couples were TV gold.

Over 20 episodes, they kissed, fought, made up (or not, bye Nikita) and attended some explosive dinner parties together, where the producers, whose heavy hands were never far from the action, created some shocking dramas - like making the couples write anonymous letters to each other, or encouraging Morag to announce - for no apparent reason - that Josh had 'messaged' her years before.

It later turned out he'd liked a snap of a Cornish cove she posted.

Morag. Not what she ordered. (E4)

This year's series concludes tonight (Oct 4th) with the much-anticipated 'reunion' episode, where we finally find out - we hope - whether Franky really did leave his 'amazing life' and carefully curated set of red flags in Dubai to move in with his 'very special lady', and if cheating Megan and crying Bob will suddenly decide they're perfect for each other.

(About as likely as super-glam 'love expert' Mel Schilling appearing in trackies and Uggs.)

The new Australian-style format has been a big success, allowing the couples to interact with each other - a little too freely in Megan and Jordon's case, with an ill-advised kiss that led to a meltdown from his wife, Alexis - and plenty of chat from the experts about what's really happening.

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Five couples made it intact to the end, having met at the altar and perfected their 'no, I'm delighted, honestly!' faces in front of friends, family, and TV crews. But have they stuck together in the intervening months - or are we looking at follow-up Divorced at Second Sight?

Here's our not-very-scientific predictions:

Pictured: (L-R) Alexis, Jordon, Adam, Tayah (bottom row), Morag, Luke, Robert, Joshua, Megan (bottom row), Amy, Franky, Daniel, Marilyse, Matt, Ant and Nikita.
Pictured: (L-R) Alexis, Jordon, Adam, Tayah (bottom row), Morag, Luke, Robert, Joshua, Megan (bottom row), Amy, Franky, Daniel, Marilyse, Matt, Ant and Nikita. (E4)

Adam and Tayah

The golden couple. They fell in love on their honeymoon, when Tayah took Adam on at tennis. And despite the fact that he's never had a girlfriend, and her mum had some very serious doubts (Tayah: "I've never been so happy!" Her mum: "Yes, but are you actually happy?") they ended the series on a giddy high when Adam proposed for real.

Despite Tayah's hatred of his light-up LED coffee table - and she's right - she's already moved into Adam's Doncaster home. We truly believe this is for real, and there will be little Tay-Ads running around before long. If this doesn't work out, we'll never believe in love again.

Morag and Luke

Pictured: Expert Charlene Douglas, Luke and Morag.
Expert Charlene Douglas, with Luke and Morag. We'd look like that too, Charlene. (E4)

Any man who can cope with Moo's ever-changing mind, never mind her glass-shattering laugh, is a winner. But poor fire-fighter Luke got the runaround from day one, with Morag announcing she didn't get what she ordered, as if her eager new husband was an Amazon parcel.

It's gradually become clear that Morag's 'type' is an enormous gym-bunny who has 'banter' and treats her appallingly. Morag's Mum begged her to be grateful for what she had in Luke, a sensitive man who genuinely cares, loves dogs and kids and has a Welsh flag in his home gym - but she remained uncertain right up till the final commitment ceremony.

When she finally decided to stay, viewers were more surprised than Luke himself.

Will they stay together long term? About as likely as Luke standing up to his mum.

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Matt and Dan

Pictured: Matt on his and Daniel's honeymoon.
Pictured: Matt on his and Daniel's honeymoon. True love. (E4)

The dream. Lovebirds Matt, from Leeds, and Dan, from Northern Ireland, who has flowing locks and specialises in 'ecstatic dance', were a match from the first moment.

The 12 year age difference didn't bother them, but the fact that neither wants to leave their beloved hometowns has been an issue throughout the series. For every shot of Dan gazing at wind-blown cliffs, theres one of Matt staring longingly at his Leeds backyard.

Matt's Mum doesn't want him to go, and Dan's mum is worried Matt's too old to plan a family with her boy. But when these two are together, they shine with adoration for each other.

The odds may be against them - but we believe in you, Matt and Dan.

Franky and Marilyse

Pictured:  Marilyse and Franky.
Posable limbs: Franky and his ever-smiling bride. (E4)

Dubai-based personal trainer Franky initially came across as a fusion of Eagle-Eye Action Man and someone David Tennant might play in an ITV drama.

Viewers were never far from the words 'red flags.' He boasted about his sporting prowess, he called the anonymous letter writer (whose advice was pretty reasonable) 'a b*tchin' b*tch', and he appeared - whether through intent or careful editing - to be alarmingly controlling, prioritising his own views over Marilyse's and telling her 'not to speak' when he was talking.

Meanwhile, quiet Marilyse often looked like a grimly smiling hostage. So when they committed to each other at the end, the nation gasped in shock. But will it last, once Franky's a stepdad and his Mum's asking about grandchildren on a weekly basis?

Probably not.

Amy and Josh

Pictured: Joshua and Amy.
Amy and Josh: Rose petals won't fix basic incompatibility. (E4)

The slow burners. Throughout the entire series, neither seemed particularly happy to be together. Gym-loving 27 year old Josh was 'too young' for 34 year old Amy, and her terrifying friends managed to quiz out of him that he didn't love her yet, while Amy lurked indoors and Josh remained trapped on the patio wearing a sombrero.

Amy wants affection, Josh wants to take things slowly. He finds practical jokes funny, she wants romance. Yet, according to her, the sex is great. And they've decided to stay together, because they seem - despite everything - to think there's still hope.

Do we, the viewers, agree? *Sulky Amy face* Not really, no.

And the ones who are over-over....

Alexis and Jordon

Doomed from the outset. What were the matchmakers thinking? They didn't even fancy each other, as Jordon wasted no time in pointing out on their romantic honeymoon. Then he snogged Megan. Will they get back together?

That would be a 'when hell freezes over.'

Bob and Megan

MAFS UK Bob and Megan
Please don't cry again, Bob. (E4)

Funny Uncle Bob and cool fashionista Megan. A match made in reality TV hell, despite Megan's constant attempts to convince us he was 'growing on her.'

The only thing growing was her running-away fund. Computer says no.

Nikita and Ant

Nikita, shortly before the entire marriage turned into a pumpkin. (E4)
Nikita, shortly before the entire marriage turned into a pumpkin. (E4)

Shall we not even go there? Let's just say, some people should never meet. Let alone get married.

MAFS UK: the reunion is on E4 tonight at 9pm.

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