Marks and Spencer faces online backlash for launch of Porn Star Martinis

Twitter users are not impressed with Marks and Spencer's latest cocktail launch [Photo: Getty]
Twitter users are not impressed with Marks and Spencer's latest cocktail launch [Photo: Getty]

Despite being a firm fixture on bar menus across the globe (and admittedly our go-to holiday tipple), shoppers are not impressed with Marks and Spencer’s launch of Porn Star Martinis.

Another cocktail to add to the British brand’s extensive pre-mixed tinny collection, the £2 can was first introduced back in October 2018 - an attempt to please jolly commuters no doubt.

Yet despite the ease of bagging the summer bevvy on the go, a number of social media users have criticised the supermarket chain for featuring the word ‘porn’ on its shelves.

Leading the backlash, lecturer Sarah Brand tweeted: “Porn Star Martini? PORN STAR MARTINI? Marks and bloody Spencer, WTF is going on?”

In response to her criticism, some followers promptly took to the divisive post to agree with Brand’s views.

“More S&M than M&S,” one joked.

While another commented, “What next? Male Prostitute Prosecco. Drug Trafficker Tequila.”

Yet some Twitter users didn’t see what all the fuss is about - emphasising that the cocktail has long been a classic.

“It’s a pretty normal drink, been in bars for at least a decade,” one argued.

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Another sarcastically added, “M&S sell one of the most popular cocktails in the western world, shock horror.”

Further supporting Marks and Spencer’s latest launch, a third accused Brand as being “offended by everything.”

The Pornstar Martini was first created back in 1999 by Douglas Ankrah. Despite its controversial name, the mixologist never intended for the drink to be deemed ‘sexual’.

“The drink is very evocative and tantalising,” Ankrah told The Buyer. “I called it Porn Star because I thought it was something that a porn star would drink, there’s nothing sexual there.”

What do you make of Marks and Spencer’s latest launch?

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