The Marie Kondo effect: Wardrobe organisation ideas to kick-start 2019

Are you ready to tackle your wardrobe? [Photo: Instagram]
Are you ready to tackle your wardrobe? [Photo: Instagram]

It’s no coincidence that the day after Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ landed on New Year’s Eve, ‘must do a major wardrobe clear out’ at the top of most people’s 2019 resolutions list.

Whether you’re guilty of hoarding clothes that still boast brand new labels or have yet to chuck out your teenage clobber (if neon can come back in trend then anything can, right?), we could all use some guidance in the art of the closet purge.

So without further ado, we’ve tracked down wardrobe organisation ideas courtesy of Instagram with tips including ditching ‘the chair’ to learning the real art of folding.

Ditch ‘the chair’ once and for all

We’re all guilty of hoarding clothes that have been worn but aren’t quite ready to make the laundry basket on a neighbouring chair.

So to prevent building up a leaning tower of Zara knits that could tumble at any minute, invest in a clothes rail or separate clothes hooks for a stylish tidying technique.

Ask yourself: ‘Does it spark joy?’

There’s nobody more qualified enough to kick-start the conversation on the art of tidying than Marie Kondo herself.

With four books under her belt, the master of all things decluttering has one major question you need to ask yourself before embarking on your tidying journey, does this item bring me joy?

Whether you finally decide to donate some old clothing to the local charity shop or have an eBay account rearing to go, it’s time to say your last goodbyes to garments that no longer have sentimental value.

Stow away according to the season

There’s nothing more frustrating than sifting through several hangers worth of spring-ready dresses in a bid to track down your go-to knit before work. So why not organise your wardrobe according to the season?

To keep your beach kaftans and ’90s-inspired swimsuits safe until your next holiday, it’s a good idea to invest in vacuum bags or boxes small enough to squeeze underneath your bed and out of sight.

We recommend checking out IKEA for affordable storage boxes and John Lewis for handy vacuum bags.

Place your hangers away from you

If you’re struggling to decide which clothes to donate then it could be time to adopt a clever clear-out trick.

Turn all of your hangers backwards in your wardrobe and when you wear an item, place it back in the closet to face you.

In six months time, if you have yet to turn a hanger then it might be time to say goodbye to the garment.

Learn the art of folding

The ‘KonMari Method’ is sure to grace an Instagram feed near you, as fashion devotees far and wide have binged on Kondo’s debut Netflix series.

From t-shirts to jeans, one of the biggest lessons to steal from the show is the art of folding.

Designed to ensure maximum space in your drawers, Kondo recommends folding clothing into rectangular shapes so that it can stand on its own while minimising creases.

We recommend checking out the tutorial before tackling your wardrobe once and for all.

Don’t be afraid to show off your latest garms

Short on wardrobe space? If you’re one to plan your outfits on a Sunday evening then make sure to invest in a stylish clothes rail.

The new addition will not only help you to organise your clothing but can prove useful when pulling together ensembles for the week ahead.

We recommend checking out Not on the High Street for a chic Scandinavian-esque rail.

Colour code your clothes

Once you’ve bid farewell to clothes you no longer need or to quote Kondo ‘feel joy’ from, then it’s time to reorganise your drawers.

The most simple way to kick-start the tidying process is to organise your clothing into colour schemes which will also help to determine the seasons. Let’s be honest, who didn’t over-invest in leopard print last season?

Not only will the process help to make your morning outfit decision making a lot less time consuming, it’s visually pleasing on the eye too.

So good, you’ll want to Instagram it.

Get your label on

We don’t care if it sounds geeky, there’s no greater way to remind yourself what belongs where with the help of some labels.

We recommend checking out The Organised Home for some affordable tags if you’re in need of inspiration.

Give your shoes the platform they deserve

Who said you needed to hide away your favourite shoes in order to organise your wardrobe?

Give your footwear the platform they deserve by using a chic ladder to stow away your winter boots and growing trainer collection.

Find the tutorial on home and lifestyle website, A Pair and a Spare.

Find a creative way to organise your jewellery

You needn’t hide away your jewellery collection in order to achieve your number one New Year’s resolution, as DIY hooks can enable you to keep your go-to accessories in line.

For inspiration and top tips, look no further than A Beautiful Mess.

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