Mariam Musa launches a makeup brush line that 'caters for all'

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Mariam Musa speaks about her new brush collection credit:Bang Showbiz
Mariam Musa speaks about her new brush collection credit:Bang Showbiz

Mariam Musa has released a makeup brush range that “caters for all”.

The beauty guru - who places a high value on inclusivity - has launched MIMA Beauty with “the vision” to satisfy all beauty lovers - from beginners to experts - needs with ‘The Essential 12 Piece Brush Collection’

The 27-year-old influencer told GLAMOUR: “I wanted to create a brand that caters to all. From people just starting up on their makeup skills to the professionals. As a black beauty influencer that hasn’t always felt accepted or felt enough in my industry, the vision will always be to not only ensure MIMA stays consistent with trends but takes everyone along on that journey through the trends.”

The podcaster - who co-hosts BBC Radio 1xtra’s ‘Pressed’ with Adeola Patronne, 27 - has taken this desire to create the set which has everything you need to paint your face -including five eyeshadow brushes, brushes for concealer, foundation and powder - for £34.99 ($48.08).

Mariam - on the price point - said: “I wanted to create a brand that showcased high-quality items without the hefty price tag to come with it. I am all about affordability as I myself never grew up with a lot. Makeup really is a safe haven for me that gives me so much joy and it has allowed me to showcase my creativity.”

In 2020, the former H&M shop assistant became the first Black-British influencer to have a solo fashion collection with a leading fast fashion brand.

Mariam - who reached the milestone with ISAWITFIRST - said: “Having this collection with ISAWITFIRST has been such an overwhelming but exciting experience for me. It’s been the perfect example that hard work pays off. As a Black influencer in the fashion and makeup industry, it hasn’t always been easy but since I began working with ISAWITFIRST, I’ve always felt love. From when I started my styling videos back in 2018, ISAWITFIRST was the first brand to want to work with me for this content and also pay me fairly for it.”

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