Maria Sharapova's beauty essentials

Maria Sharapova's beauty essentials credit:Bang Showbiz
Maria Sharapova's beauty essentials credit:Bang Showbiz

Maria Sharapova never leaves the house without sunscreen.

The former tennis star revealed SPF is the one thing she cannot go without and she makes sure to apply it every day.

Speaking to Goop, she said: "Supergood mineral sunscreen is the most important step in my morning routine. I don’t always have time for a full beauty routine in the morning, but I never skip SPF. Supergoop was my first-ever investment, over 10 years ago, when they had only a handful of products. I love this mineral one—it’s a smooth foundation for any makeup application."

And Maria, 35, also loves the beauty tool Therabody Theraface Pro, which offers a number of skin-care treatments, from microcurrent and LED light to facial massages.

She said: "I had a glimpse at the first prototype a couple of years ago, and I couldn’t wait for its release. This device is such a treat! It relieves tension in the face muscles and simultaneously delivers LED light therapy. It comes with six different attachments, which, if I had the time, I would use every day."