Man who suffered from hair loss gives confidence to others with ‘cure’ for baldness

A before and after hair loss image of a man getting a hair system fitted. (Caters)
After suffering hair loss, Nathan (a client of Callum Morris) had a new hair system fitted, making him look a decade younger. (Caters)

A man who suffered from hair loss is seeking to give confidence to others in the same situation after finding a “cure” for baldness.

Callum Morris, 29, had a hair system fitted in 2015 after he noticed his hair was thinning, and now provides the service to customers at his clinic, King Of Kwiffs.

A hair system is the name for a hairpiece that is created by using human or synthetic hair, which is then glued to the scalp to stay in place, making it a non-surgical option for those suffering from male pattern baldness or hair loss.

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Around 6.5 million men have male pattern baldness in the UK, and the NHS says that hair loss can have an effect on your mental health.

“Our clients will come in feeling anxious – despite already having their consultation – but they leave feeling like a different man, with a massive injection of new confidence,” Morris explains.

One of Morris’ clients, 38-year-old Nathan said the hair system was “life changing” after spending two decades suffering from hair loss.

A composite image of a man suffering hair loss and what he looks like with a hair system on. (Caters)
Another client, Toby, showing the difference before and after. (Caters)

“I’d been suffering with hair loss since I was 18,” he explains. “Precious strands of hair were falling from my head over the years. With the few strands I had left, I used what’s called ‘hair fibres’ which make your hair look thicker and hide the bald patch.

“However, this was not sustainable, it didn’t solve my hairline problem, I couldn’t get my hair wet and if I touched my head on something it would leave a mark where the fibres had fallen off.”

He said after seeing a video online he decided to go for a hair system instead, and that he “felt like a new man” when it was fitted.

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“I looked younger and my confidence rocketed. Friends and family were blown away with the result and compliments were endless,” he said.

“My wife noticed a huge difference in my own confidence and soon became used to me having a full head of hair, so much so that we both forget that it’s a hair system.”

Morris said he has seen several emotional reactions to clients who see the results. “This gentleman had struggled with hair loss since his late teenage years and used all kinds of solutions to disguise his hair loss including hair fibres, fake synthetic wigs or just wearing a cap most of the time.

A composite image of a hair system being fitted. (Caters)
Hair systems are glued to the scalp. (Caters)

“Sadly, for this client, he’d also been battling anxiety and depression for quite some time, and losing his hair added extra pressure, especially from a young age.”

Morris says when he revealed his client’s new hair, “floods of tears came down his face”.

“He was overjoyed with the results, an experience I will never forget! It even brought a tear to my own eye!” he adds.

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King of Kwiffs has clinics in Manchester and Essex, and a hair system can cost anywhere from £175 to £500.

“People’s outside perception on hair systems are mainly focused on vanity, but for me it goes massively above and beyond this point, hair systems can be for many reasons,” Morris says.

"We try to cater to every individual no matter what their circumstance. People lose their hair for different reasons and people may tend to forget this, I am immensely proud that I can offer a service so rewarding and life changing.”

Additional reporting by Caters.

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