Man Shaves His Leg Hair Into Shorts, Internet Goes Wild


[Photo: Pexels]

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make us spit coffee all over ourselves in laughter.

Or is that just us? Because when one guy on the internet created what we consider to be hilarious and - quite frankly - art, it turns out all it took was a razor and some creativity.

It’s summer, and it’s bleeding hot outside - so Reddit user GallowBoob came up with a masculine solution to the problem by shaving his leg hair into shorts.

And it looks way, way funnier than it sounds.

[Photo: Reddit]

Captioned ‘how to make a pair of summer shorts’, his thigh hair has indeed been transformed into an item of clothing.

One user commented “that is so weird” on the picture, to which another replied: “you’ve clearly never dated a girl in the winter” (which hits the nail on the head to be honest).

Because isn’t there a bit of GallowBoob in every woman’s grooming regime?

For some users, GallowBoob’s image led them to questioning the bigger things in life:

“How long would body hair need to be to knit it [sic] into an actual set of leg warmers?” one commented.


[Photo: Giphy]

Another Reddit user said: “This is like when cartoon characters take off their fur. I don’t like it.”

One couldn’t cope: “This is making me unreasonably uncomfortable.”

And for one user, the photo gave them an uncontrollable desire to shave: “I keep imagining shaving the rest of his legs.”

What do you think of GallowBoob’s hairy shorts? Tweet us at @YahooStyleUK.

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