MAFS Australia viewers are making same joke about this Harrison scene

After nearly a week away (we don't know how we coped!) Married At First Sight Australia finally returned to our screens last night (8th May) on E4 for the first of two special reunion episodes.

In the episode we saw our favourite cast members return for the dinner party to end all dinner parties. There were cute couple moments courtesy of Ollie and Tahnee, shocking revelations (we're still not over that sexting scandal) and a very hilarious scene which came, oddly enough, from Harrison.

During the dinner party, we learn Harrison and Bronte have not spoken since they split up during the previous dinner party, in which Bronte stormed out after telling Harrison: "I’m done with you! I’m done with this man. Harrison, we’re done, we’re over and I honestly never want to see you again.” In case you couldn't tell, they're done.

mafs australia fans make same joke about harrison

However, despite breaking up there still managed to be plenty of drama surrounding the couple. Harrison revealed Bronte had since messaged the woman he was accused of dating at the beginning of the experiment.

ICYMI, on their wedding day Bronte's friend told her she had been messaged by a woman who claimed to be in a relationship with Harrison. Harrison denied still being with the woman but did say they were dating up until he left for the experiment.

At the latest dinner party Bronte confirmed she had messaged the woman after leaving the experiment as she wanted to clear the air and get a better understanding of what had happened.

Following Bronte's revelation Harrison then attempted to highlight exactly what Bronte had said in the messages to his printing the screenshots out.

mafs australia fans make same joke about harrison

Viewers at home found the moment hilarious with many creating memes of the image of Harrison holding the screenshots.

One person shared a clip of Forrest Gump running and said: "Harrison on his way to his local printing place (cus who the f**k has a printer in 2023)."

Another joked: "Harrison’s A4 piece of paper I can’t 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀."

And another said: "When you show your mum the A+ grade on your school report."

Too funny! The rest of the group, Bronte included, found the screenshots hilarious, after Harrison shared them amongst the table. Whilst Harrison attempted to share his side of the story, the group diminished his efforts. Jesse covered his face with a napkin in exasperation and at one point, Cam even turned the screenshot print out into a paper airplane.

Duncan said to camera: "I can't believe he brought a piece of paper to the Dinner Party. I actually read the texts. They weren't even that juicy."

And Ollie asked producers: "In MAFS history, have you ever seen someone use props?"

So yeah it's safe to say Harrison's plan didn't quite work out the way he wanted.

One thing which still hasn't been 100 per cent cleared up is, er, why are there bite marks in the paper?

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