Mackenzie Crook makes appeal to find missing sister-in-law

The Detectorists actor Mackenzie Crook appeared on Good Morning Britain to appeal for the public to help with finding his wife's older sister who has been missing for a week.

Credit: GMB Via Twitter / Good Morning Britain / ITV

Video transcript

PRESENTER: You must feel an enormous need to use your platform to get the word out there about-- this is your wife's older sister, isn't it, that we're talking about. Just tell us a bit about her and the circumstances in which she vanished.

MACKENZIE CROOK: Yeah, well, it was-- yeah. Thanks very much for speaking to me. It's a week now. It was this time last Tuesday that she left the house with nothing but the clothes she was wearing. No keys, money, phone. And she's not been seen since.

I'm here at Swindon Cricket Ground, which was the last positive sighting we had of her and that was last Tuesday. That was a week ago. Since then, nothing. And yeah. As you say, she was diagnosed with cancer last year. And she missed, I think, her fifth chemo session last Tuesday.

And we think that that's what's triggered some sort of crisis in her, and she's gone off for a long walk somewhere. And that's the last we've heard of her. We really clutching at straws now after a week.

PRESENTER: Mackenzie, do you have any clues or hunches as to where she might be in the country? Are there any special places where she might have returned to where people can keep their eyes peeled?

MACKENZIE CROOK: Well, I mean, yeah. We're in west Sussex in the South Downs. There's so many wooded areas. It's quite overwhelming. We've been combing the woodlands for a week now. We can only think that, yes, she's gone. She's hopefully taken shelter in a back garden in the shed, in an outhouse or something. That's what we're hoping. And obviously, we're asking people to check all of those places in their garden, even if they've done it before to go back and check again, just in case she's still on the move.