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Lululemon shoppers say this is the 'perfect' bag for summer concerts — and it's under $50

This clear, water-repellent bag will save you time in security lines.

someone wearing the clear Lululemon belt bag
This clear Lululemon belt bag is "perfect" for festival season. (Photos via Lululemon)

This past summer, I found myself scrambling for a fashionable bag that I'd be permitted to carry at an upcoming concert. Venue rules can be finicky, not allowing backpacks or bags of a specific size. Lucky for me, I stumbled across Lululemon's new clear Everywhere Belt Bag, which is both stylish and stadium-approved.

With its compact size, this bag is ideal for comfortably rocking out while your belongings are stored safely. Plus, its see-through silhouette saves you time in the security line.

At just $44, Lululemon's "perfect" belt bag is sure to be a hit among festival fans looking for style and practicality this spring and summer.

This water-resistant bag is perfect for unpredictable spring and summer weather.

$44 at Lululemon

The clear version of the classic Everywhere Belt Bag measures 19cm x 5cm x 13cm (7.5" x 2" x 5.1"), so there's just enough room for your essentials, like your wallet, keys, phone and sunscreen stick.

Its water-resistant fabric is ideal for outdoor venues where rain might be on the horizon or for mucky spring weather when the forecast is known to play tricks.

Like its predecessor, the Everywhere Belt Bag, the clear crossbody has an adjustable strap, which comes in handy if you want to wear it around your waist or crossbody style.

One Lululemon reviewer described the clear belt bad as "perfect," especially for live music events and outdoor festivals.

Another shopper said they were "concert ready" with the "well made and durable" belt bag.

The "quality is great and it looks good too." wrote a third reviewer. Its "belt length is perfect. The clear bag is a great option for sporting or concert events."

someone wearing the Lululemon Clear Everywhere Belt Bag
Clear Everywhere Belt Bag. (Photo via Lululemon)

One person did mention they wished the bag was "bigger" and that the belt length could be longer.

Another shopper liked the bag but would've preferred it to have two zippers, like the original Everywhere Belt Bag.

This clear one-litre version of Lululemon's classic Everywhere Belt Bag is a great pick for outdoor venues and concerts this summer. The water-repellent plastic material will keep your essentials safe, and its adjustable strap allows you to wear it either on your waist or across your chest.

At $44, this is definitely one of Lululemon's more affordable accessories, making it a great gift for yourself or a gift for a loved one. It's made of plastic, so it's a bit stiffer than its belt bag counterparts, plus, some shoppers wished it was bigger — all things to keep in mind before purchasing.

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