Singer Luke Bryan reveals why he always has red eyes and it’s not why most people think

Luke Bryan has revealed he suffers from an allergy in case fans are curious why his eyes are red.

On Tuesday 16 April, Bryan spoke with Audacy, but clarified beforehand that he was not smoking marijuana. “Just so we know, if I do interviews and I look like I’ve been smoking pot, that’s not true. I’ve been catching bass,” he said.

“If I touch a bass, my eyes will get red, my hands will swell if I have to take the hook out. I’ll get in front of it. I’m like: ‘I know I’m going to fish today,’ so I’ll take an Allegra in the morning.”

The singer explained that he had spent years going fishing with his dad and would be experiencing these allergies and think it was just from the trees.

“I spent years not knowing. My dad would take me on these fishing trips and I would be in the back of the boat like wheezing, maybe in need of an epipen. But my Dad was just like [suck it up], we just thought it was allergies [to] like, the trees, but it’s actually touching the bass.”

Fortunately, he learned that he’s not the only person who struggles with the allergy and joked about creating a foundation. “Maybe I can bring awareness... my new foundation is [for] those who’ve been cursed by the touch of [bass],” he said.

It’s also not just bass that the American Idol judge is allergic to, as he clarified: “It’s really sunfish, like a brim, a shell cracker. Any of those things, they wipe me out pretty good.”

This is Bryan’s seventh season of the hit ABC show alongside Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, who recently announced that she would be leaving after this season.

“I thought she might be [leaving],” Luke said when asked about Perry’s departure. “She’s been a rockstar on the show and to have developed a friendship… we’ve had a great time together. When I took the Idol gig, I knew that she had already signed up to do it and I didn’t know her. Seven years later, to have spent so much time with her has been pretty awesome. She’s a trip.”

Recently, Perry’s galactic get-up blasted open during a recent episode of the show. During a season 22 taping, released on 15 April, the “Fireworks” singer donned the dry-wet fashion fad with damp-looking wavy hair, a metallic, hard-shelled crop top, and a high-waisted black skirt. She sat effortlessly next to her co-judges, ready to watch a slew of singing contestants vie for the winning title.

However, one performance proved to be overtly powerful when Perry’s top popped open during the ballad. The “I Kissed A Girl” vocalist was watching contestant Roman Collins sing “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown when her uniquely shaped, open-back top came undone.

Perry, 39, shared a behind-the-scenes video of the moment on Instagram, exposing her candid reaction and the frenzy that erupted as she and several crew members rushed to fix it.

“I need my top to stay on. If it’s not fixed, this show is going to get more than it wanted,” Perry remarked.

Bryan is then seen rushing over to help, scissors in hand. “Hey, I got it! I’m going in,” the “Country Girl” artist exclaimed. “Never mind.”