Fans hilariously react to Katy Perry’s wardrobe malfunction during American Idol

Fans hilariously react to Katy Perry’s wardrobe malfunction during American Idol

Katy Perry’s galactic get-up blasted open during a recent episode of American Idol.

During a season 22 taping, released on 15 April, the “Fireworks” singer donned the dry-wet fashion fad with damp-looking wavy hair, a metallic, hard-shelled crop top, and a high-waisted black skirt. She sat effortlessly next to co-judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, ready to watch a slew of singing contestants vie for the winning title.

However, one performance proved to be overtly powerful when Perry’s top popped open during the ballad. The “I Kissed A Girl” vocalist was watching contestant Roman Collins sing “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown when her uniquely shaped, open-back top came undone.

Perry, 39, shared a behind-the-scenes video of the moment on Instagram, exposing her candid reaction and the frenzy that erupted as she and several crew members rushed to fix it. The footage starts with three people huddled behind the “Teenage Dream” artist as she offers a pair of pliers up to them.

“I need my top to stay on. If it’s not fixed, this show is going to get more than it wanted,” Perry remarked.

Bryan is then seen rushing over to help, scissors in hand. “Hey, I got it! I’m going in,” the “Country Girl” artist exclaimed. “Never mind.”

“A few moments later,” Perry is hunched over the judges table, speaking into the microphone as she clutches her top to hold it in place.

“I guess it is a woman’s world,” the artist quipped to Ryan Seacrest. Though Bryan and Richie seemed enthusiastic about the viewership her wardrobe mishap would bring, Perry reminded them that American Idol is a family-appropriate program.

In conversation with Access Hollywood, Perry refused to call her outfit issue a “malfunction”. Instead, she thought it was more of “an interesting moment on live television”.

On Instagram, viewers quipped about the moment, suggesting Perry wear something less extravagant in the future.

“Now you know for next time, not to wear weird stuff,” a candid individual said, while another added: “I love you you’re soooo iconic.”

A third added: “You always the star of the show.”

“Maybe try wearing proper clothes rather than dressing as the tin man!?” one critic wrote.

“You’re hilarous and some of the outfits are too,” a supporter proclaimed.

An American Idol fan expressed disappointment that Perry wouldn’t be on the show next season. “I can’t think of ANYONE who will fill her spot when she leaves smh,” they said.

Perry announced her impending departure from the cult-favourite singing competition on 12 February, noting this season would be her last.