Love Island fans call out Jess' 'annoying' habit and call for ITV bosses step in

Love Island's Jess White has rubbed up viewers the wrong way as she continues to use a "ridiculous" catchphrase on the hit ITV show.

The brunette stunner has had a turbulent time since the doors of the villa opened as she found herself in love triangles and an ongoing bitter feud with Harriet Blackmore.

However, Jess seems to be finding her feet after her recent recoupling with Trey Norman and while getting to know the new set of lads in Casa Amor.

But while chatting to potential suitors, fans of the dating series have picked up on Jess' "irritating" habit which has left them wanting to turn their TVs off. When getting to know the lads, Jess often mentions that she's "the prize" or that "the prize is in front of you".

Despite it being a well-known phrase, viewers have noticed Jess say it far too many times which has led to an avalanche of frustration for those watching. Heading over to X formerly known as Twitter, fans have shared their takes on Jess' winning prize chat.

Love Island fans have been left frustrated with Jess White
Love Island fans have been left frustrated with Jess White -Credit:ITV

One viewer said: "I think it’s time the producers instruct Jess to not use that I am the prize line again because this is ridiculous now." Another fumed: "Swear if I hear the word prize from jess one more time!"

A third said: "Jess has RUINED 'you are the prize' for me. A fourth fan also added: "I feel like the prize Jess is describing is one of they cards that you open and it springs confetti everywhere and it’s extremely infuriating and just massively inconveniences you."

Jess has reminded the boys that she's the prize
Jess has reminded the boys that she's the prize -Credit:ITV

But despite the backlash, some fans are loving Jess' familiar saying. One viewer backed her up and wrote: "Unpopular opinion I like Jess. She’s one of the person in there that’s 1) unapologetically herself 2) she not afraid to speak her mind and through everything she been through can still see herself as a prize. Why does that make someone’s villain?"

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Love island fans have shared their frustrations online -Credit:ITV

Since leaving her new beau Trey back in the main villa on Sunday night's show, Jess has admitted to her fellow female islanders that she may be developing the infamous "ick" despite only coupling with him a few days prior. But with the new fellas ready to impress Jess, it looks like her head could soon be turned in Casa Amor.

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