Love Island couple could ‘make final’ as they can ‘barely keep eyes off each other’ while expert predicts heartbreak for another

Love Island recoupling
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The Love Island 2024 contestants have been away from their partners for the past week during Casa Amor, but tonight's explosive recoupling, which left host Maya Jama in tears, will bring it all to an end.

Body language expert Darren Stanton, speaking on behalf of Fruity Slots, has shared his predictions about who will stick with their current partners and who might be tempted to switch.

First up, Darren reckons Ayo Odukoya - currently paired with Mimii Ngulube - will choose to recouple with Jessica Spencer. He suggests they can't seem to take their eyes off each other and have the 'strongest' connection in the series. He even hints that they could make it to the final if things continue as they are.

Ayo and Jessica
Ayo has been getting to know new girl Jessica S -Credit:ITV

“Ayo and Jessica have a very flirtatious connection that is continuing to build. They can barely keep their eyes off each other and they rarely lose eye contact with one another. There was a moment where they were in fits of laughter with one another, which was far from fake.

The fact they’re already so comfortable and laughing together just adds to how strong their connection is. Despite it being so early on, there were times when Jessica was locked onto him and almost couldn’t let go. Right now, they have the strongest chemistry and dynamic in the villa.”

Ayo has a decision to make tonight. Will he choose Mimii or Jessica? -Credit:ITV

When it comes to Grace Jackson's behaviour while separated from ex Joey Essex, Darren predicts she'll choose Blade Siddiqi, which fans have branded desperate, over Moziah Pinder, who was at war with Blade over Grace. He thinks her kiss with Moziah lacked chemistry and seemed 'forced' and 'unnatural', suggesting she has stronger feelings for Blade.

“Grace likes Blade more than Moziah and will bring him back to the villa. She was talking about Blade to Moziah, and you could tell Moziah was getting frustrated by this because he was interested in her. He is way more into Grace than she is into him. There’s something not quite right between them as a couple romantically."

Blade and Grace
Blade has been making his move on Grace -Credit:ITV

"We could see Grace distancing herself away from him while they were speaking together - which shows a disconnect in this rapport. She has her sights on Blade for sure. Even when Grace kissed Moziah, there wasn’t very much chemistry between them. It looked forced and quite unnatural. There was a lack of strong eye contact between them and they didn’t sync each other’s body language very much.”

Sean Stone, Diamente Laiva
Sean has set his sights on Diamente even though he is still coupled up with Matilda -Credit:ITV

As for Sean Stone, Darren believes he could return with Diamante Laive as they're already 'building a strong connection'.

“Sean and Diamanté have a lot of chemistry together. They both reciprocated strong eye contact with one another as they engaged in conversation. Sean also displayed signs of feeling comfortable when they were close together, which is a sign of building a strong connection."

Sean Stone
Sean has a tough decision to make -Credit:ITV

"When they were sitting down together, they mirrored each other’s body postures almost identically. Diamanté fluttered her eyelashes a lot, as well as widened them while speaking with Sean, which tells us she feels safe in his company. Sean will choose to recouple with Diamanté, leaving Matilda single.”

Lucy Graybill and Wil Anderson
Lucy and Wil have shared several kisses during casa amor despite Wil being coupled up with Uma -Credit:ITV
Uma Jammeh
Uma has no clue about Wil's antics and has stayed loyal since -Credit:ITV

However, Uma Jammeh might be in for some heartbreak during tonight's recoupling - Darren predicts Wil Anderson will choose Lucy Graybill after their recent smooch.

“Wil could potentially recouple with Lucy, leaving Uma behind. Wil gave Lucy some very intense eye contact. It was very dominant from his side of things and he wanted to control the situation he was in. It was on his terms.”