Love Island boss hits back at lack of diversity claims

The 'Love Island' 2019 contestants [Photo: ITV]
The 'Love Island' 2019 contestants [Photo: ITV]

ITV bosses have responded to claims that Love Island lacks body diversity by saying they want contestants to be “attracted to one another”.

The controversial statement comes after a stream of criticisms about the ITV show.

People have called out ‘Love Island’ bosses for not casting contestants with a range of body types.

After the new line-up was revealed last week, fans are still left feeling that most body types are being underrepresented.

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The creative director of ITV Studios Entertainment, Richard Cowles, addressed the topic in a press conference in Spain.

He said: “I think we try to be as representative and diverse as possible.”

“It has to come back first and foremost – it's an entertainment show and it's about people wanting to watch people we've got on screen and then reacting and falling in love with one another.”

He continued: “Yes we want to be as representative as possible but we also we want them to be attracted to one another.”

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He finished by explaining that Love Island bosses don’t select contestants in a bid to encourage viewers to aspire to the contestants physiques.

Instead, the pick them based on who they think we’ll want to watch for the next eight weeks.

The comments come after previous contestants, Alexandra Cane and Malin Andersson took to social media to voice their disappointment.

Alex wrote: “Where the curvy girls at?”

Whilst Malin simply said: “And I thought they would have some diversity. Meh.”

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The show has also been at the forefront of a number of mental health allegations this year.

After Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Graddon died, the show has had to readdress its aftercare process.

Some people have called for the show to be removed from the air entirely in the same vein as The Jeremy Kyle Show. However, bosses admitted that there was never any doubt over whether or not Love Island would return for 2019.

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