Love Expert Shares The One Question That Can Make Or Break Your Relationship

Ask at your own peril
Ask at your own peril

Ask at your own peril

If you want to know whether your relationship will really stand the test of time, one expert has shared the question you should be asking your other half.

But be warned, according to the relationship pro, this question could make or break your bond for good.

Love and relationship coach Sabrina Flores shared her advice to her 308.5k followers on TikTok as part of a series exploring key questions that need to be asked in a relationship.

She said: “Every single question I ask in this series is absolutely essential if you want your relationship to last and be healthy.

“I personally promise that some of these conversations might be relationship saving at some points.”

Ready? OK, time to buckle up and ask your other half Flores’ potentially relationship-saving question.


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According to the pro, it’s seriously worth asking your partner “What’s an area of our relationship that you can foresee becoming a potential conflict in the future and why?”

Woof – it’s a certainly a lot heavier than asking whose turn it is to do the dishes.

In the video, which has now amassed almost half a million likes, Flores explains: “So many relationships wait until something is explosive until they address it and start working on it and that’s why they broke up – don’t be one of those couples.”

Once you’ve asked the slightly terrifying question, Flores advises sharing compassionately with your partner and reflecting on things that can be done to stop the issue escalating further in the future.

She added in a follow up comment: “Better for there to be a little bit heat now to avoid something on fire later on.”