Which Love Is Blind season three couples are still together?

The sixth season of Love Is Blind has officially dropped, with a set of 30 new singles now entering the pods.

On 14 February 2024, fans saw the beloved series make yet another return, with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey. The season followed the same layout as the previous ones, but this time with contestants from Charlotte, North Carolina entered the pods, where they got on dates with people without ever seeing them in real life. From there, contestants go on to get engaged in the pods, before meeting for the first time.

Following the usual array of love triangles and drama in the first six episodes of season six, five couples walked away engaged: Amy and Johnny, Amber Desirre “AD” and Clay, Chelsea and Jimmmy, Jeramy and Laura, and Kenneth and Brittany.

The couples have now headed into their romantic vacations, before they go and move into their apartment togethers in North Carolina. After days of living together, they will decide at the end of the season if they’ll say “I do” or not at the altar.

Although we don’t know who made it down the aisle, the next three episodes of the season will be airing on 21 February, followed by three more episodes dropping on 28 February. The season finale, where viewers will see couples get married, airs on 6 March.

Back in the beginning of 2023 viewers also saw, in season three, a different set of five couples get engaged. However, the finale proved to be a shock to a bit of a shock, with only two out of the five couples actually saying “I do”.

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux

Alfia and Lemieux were the first couple to get engaged during season three.

The couple’s initial reaction to seeing each other was largely positive, and they were happily engaged, and then married, during season three.

As of now, the couple is still going strong, according to their respective Instagram accounts. On 1 October 2023, Lemieux celebrated Alfia’s birthday with an Instagram tribute, where he wrote: “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife and my best friend. You bring so much love, joy, and laughter into my life every single day. Here’s to another year of adventures, growth and endless happiness together.

“Cheers to the woman who makes my heart skip a beat. Love you to the moon and back!”

In January 2024, the couple annouced that they’re expecting their first child together. “The best of me and the best of you, baby Lemieux coming soon,” Alexa wrote on Instagram, alongside photos of her and Brennon cradling her growing baby bump. The pair also shared cheeky photos and videos of themselves reading a newspaper from “The Baby Times” with a headline that read: “Baby Lemieux coming 2024.”

“Lemieux: The Next Gen,” another headline said. “Coming to a crib near you summer 2024.”

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed

Bolton, a private charter sales executive, and Reed, a ballet dancer and digital PR strategist, were also able to form a connection “sight unseen” in the pods.

While Bolton wasn’t Reed’s initial interest in the pods, the couple hit it off when they met for the first time in person after their engagement, and appear to still be going strong after exchanging vows during their wedding.

As of June, the couple had officially moved in together.

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden

Bowden, a senior analyst and Rodriguez, a real estate investor both dated other cast members in the pods, with Bowden initially hitting it off with Raven Ross, while Rodriguez seemed interested in Andrew Liu.

However, the couple ultimately decided they were better suited for one another, and became engaged. While the match initially appeared like a good fit, they did not end up tying the knot, after Bowden decided to say “I don’t”.

The pair later caught up to chat and reminisce during “After the Altar,” while Bowden has since announced he has become a father.

“Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man,” he captioned a photo of himself holding his son in April.

Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett

Jaffrey, a flight attendant, and Barnett, a realtor, bonded over their mutual love for God and the importance of family before getting engaged.

The relationship seemed like a good fit upon first meeting, however, the pair ultimately struggled to connect.

While standing at the altar, Jaffrey revealed she would be saying no to Barnett because he had “shattered her confidence”. The pair ultimately walked away from their relationship forever.

SK Alagbada and Raven Ross

Alagbada, a data engineer and Ross, a pilates instructor, hit it off from the beginning, with Ross declaring “it’s a hard yes for me” when Alagbada proposed.

However, the pair struggled with compatibility in real life, especially considering Ross’s ongoing flirtations with Bowden.

Alagbada ultimately decided to say no at the altar, a choice that devastated Ross. Despite their intial flawed wedding, the pair later revealed that they decided to give their relationship one more chance. However, they parted ways for good after it was speculated that Alagbada had been unfaithful.