Losing a baby: a real story

When Louisa Caroline-Hines gave birth to her first child three months prematurely she thought it was just “one of those things”. Happily her son pulled through and they decided to extend their family further.

Tragedy soon struck when, just shy of 24 weeks into her second pregnancy, Louisa’s waters broke. She gave birth to another boy and named him Randall and he died in her arms shortly after.

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Louisa tells Myleene Klass how all she wanted to do was talk about her loss but people shied away from the subject.

Her message to other women is if you want something hard enough “go for it”. In this spirit Louisa quickly found herself pregnant again. However her 20 week scan revealed the birth process had already begun......

Watch to find how her story ends.

Bumps, Babies & Beyond with Myleene Klass is a 48-part video series exclusive to Yahoo! Lifestyle.

For help and support visit stillbirth, premature, and miscarriage charities Tommy's and Sands.

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