Lori Harvey prefers lip gloss to chapstick

Lori Harvey loves lip gloss credit:Bang Showbiz
Lori Harvey loves lip gloss credit:Bang Showbiz

Lori Harvey prefers lip gloss to chapstick.

The ‘Dolce Gabbana’ catwalk queen - and daughter of the comedian Steve Harvey - thinks that the beauty product makes her “lips pop” as she shared some what she’s learned about makeup.

After being asked: “Lip gloss or chapstick? Why?”, the 25-year-old model told Interview magazine: “Lip gloss, because it makes my lips pop.”

Lori revealed that using a “powder puff” was a “game changer” when it came to putting on setting powder.

She said: Applying my setting powder with a powder puff instead of my beauty blender or makeup brush. Game changer.

The ‘Zine’ cover star - who is romantically linked to actor Michael B Jordan - labelled her fashion sense as “effortless, chic and clean”.

Lori also gave an insight into what she keeps in her handbag, telling the publication that she carries “My lipgloss, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, baby hair brush, ID, and credit card.”

The Pat McGrath model admitted to needing to find time to find her “groove” when on photoshoots.

After being asked if she ever gets “shy” when working, Lori said: “Absolutely. I have to warm up with some test shots for a quick second before I really get into my groove.”

The Gen-Z fashion muse also shared that she has “gotten used” to being watched.

Lori said: “I would say I’ve gotten used to it.”

Lori’s “favourite fashion personality” to “follow” on social media is the former model Aureta Thomollari, who boasts more than 700,000 followers on Instagram.

Lori called the 41-year-old creative director “bomb”.