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46 Of The Longest Celebrity Marriages And Relationships

There's a certain stereotype in Hollywood when it comes to relationships and marriages.

Essentially, they don't last very long. Celebrity marriages have been known to end after a mere 72 days after all and, all too often, relationships that people look to as examples of love (like Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) dissolve, leaving fans unsure that love ever existed.

However, these couples have made it last in Hollywood - where your relationship is open for all to see and air their opinions on, where punishing tour and film production schedules can see you living apart on different continents for long periods of time and where you have to watch what you say about each other in public before they're turned into news snippets.

Amid the social distancing enforcements as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, some couples who do not live together are being forced apart.

Take a look at these 45 couples for inspiration and reassurance that romance is not over.

46 Of The Longest Celebrity Marriages And Relationships

In case you need some inspiration as you're quarantined from your significant other