The exercise you need to do to burn off different junk foods

That’ll be a 43 minute run, please [Photo: Pexels]

When you jog for just a few kilometres, it’s always tempting to believe that doing so totally burned off that pizza you ate last night.

Or at least the bag of peanuts from this afternoon, surely?

Well, just to stop us from fooling ourselves, the Royal Society for Public Health has released a chart of exactly how much we actually have to exercise to burn off these foods.

The truth is harsh, and will probably have us trying to up our jogging game by oh, at least a few miles.

Running couple
We need to stop eating more calories than we’re burning off [Photo: Pexels]

According to the Society, if we want to actually burn off that pizza tonight, we should be running for at least 43 minutes or walking for one hour and 23 minutes.

If you’ve ever done the NHS’ Couch to 5k, you’ll know that it estimates you’ll run that distance in about 35 minutes, so 43 minutes will be a little further than that.

Cereal eaters, on the other hand, good news – you’ll only have to run for 16 minutes or walk for 31 to burn that off again.

Junk food calories chart
Is it what you expected? [Photo: RSPH]

Though if you like your breakfast with a mocha, no such luck – that’ll take 28 minutes of running or almost an hour – 53 minutes – of walking.

According to the society, the most common cause of obesity is consuming more calories than we’re burning off.

And after looking at this chart, we can totally believe that.

At least we weren’t trying to kid ourselves that a mocha is healthy [Photo: Pexels]

If we have a sugary drink habit – which, when you think about it, isn’t even filling you up – that has us consuming 138 calories a pop and sets us up with 13 minutes of running if we want to burn that back off.

While it may seem intimidating, it’s a reminder that running just a few kilometres regularly can make all of the difference; even if you do have a pizza habit that won’t budge, running a couple of times a week could make a world of difference to your health.

And hey, while it’s good to treat ourselves from time to time, it might help us realise that our daily cinnamon bun isn’t worth it if it means we’re eating a 40 minute run’s worth of calories each time.

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