London hotel gives 'disgusting' beauty rules to female staff

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After the uproar over women being forced to wear high heels to work earlier this year, you’d think employers in the UK would have learned their lesson about sexism and dress codes.

In the case of a certain hotel in London, however, apparently not – as it recently emailed its female staff with a long list of beauty requirements.

From telling them to shave their legs (even if they’re not wearing tights) to wearing “full make-up”, it goes without saying that the requirements are ones that would never be demanded of a man.

And this wasn’t just any hotel, but the famous Dorchester in Mayfair which has hosted the likes of the Queen, Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise.

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Women also mustn’t have “oily skin” (as if this is something any woman ‘chooses’ to have) or any “excess body hair”.

According to MailOnline, many of the staff are paid £9 an hour, yet are expected to put plenty of time and money towards their appearances.

The staff are expected to “have regular manicures”, for example – and anyone who’s been for one before knows how much they cost.

And, as if to add insult to injury, “brush your teeth” and “wash your hair” are put in the same list.

A member of staff who wished not to be named told MailOnline: “It is disgusting. This list is like something out of the dark ages, and downright offensive.

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“It’s not as though you choose to have oily skin and a lot of women, especially teenagers, cannot help it – no facial wash or moisturiser in the world can control that.

“The women are all pretty livid but worry that if they complain – or rebel and turn up to work with chipped, dirty nails and hairy legs, for example, they’ll be sacked on the spot.”

Here’s the full list of the rules the women are meant to abide by:


  1. Shave your legs (even if wearing tights)

  2. Wear full make-up

  3. Wash your hair

  4. Brush your teeth

  5. Use deodorant

  6. Have regular manicures


  1. Have oily skin

  2. Wear overly garish or bright make-up

  3. Display chipped or bitten nails

  4. Have off-putting body odour

  5. Display any excess body hair, which includes the face

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