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How the £80 Lola massage gun compares to Theragun's £175 version

We put the Lola Portable Massage Device (left) to the test to see how it compared to the pricer Theragun Mini (right). (Yahoo Life UK)

If you exercise regularly or find your muscles are often stiff from sitting at your desk all day, a massage gun may be the solution for easing tension, along with soothing common aches and pains.

These handheld devices are designed to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (otherwise known as DOMS). In simpler terms, it's the feeling you get when your muscles tense up after intense exercise.

As someone who loves massages and is a regular runner, I spent months debating and researching if I needed one of my own. Then, last November during the Black Friday sales I saw a deal too good to miss and took the plunge and ordered the Therabody Theragun Mini.

Despite getting a great deal on Amazon - it was reduced from £175 to £120 - it's still a very big investment.

Which is why when the Lola Massage Gun landed on my desk recently my interest was immediately piqued. It costs £80, almost £100 less than the Theragun, has four heads, a fast-charging battery and weighs less than 450 grams.

Lola Massage Gun: Quick Overview

🛍️ Product reviewed: Lola Massage Gun
Tested it for: Six weeks
Rating: 5/5
💸 Reasons to buy: It’s very lightweight and much more affordable than competitors
Reasons to avoid: It's not essential, but it's a luxury worth splurging on if you exercise a lot and regularly struggle with stiff muscles
💰 Best deal we've found: Currently at QVC you can save £5, getting the £80 gadget for £75

Keen to compare the two, I've spent weeks testing out the Lola Massage Gun - here's my verdict on how it compares to more expensive options.

💸 Reasons to buy

Firstly, it's considerably easier to hold than my Theragun. The long body makes it so much easier to reach areas of my back to massage when I'm on my own, whereas my Theragun is quite clunky and hard to maneuverer without making my arm ache.

There's four interchangeable heads which slot in and out of the device in less than a second. There's a U shape, flat, ball and cone head, which are designed to target different muscle groups across the body.

It has four different heads that can easily be attached and detached from the main body of the device. (Yahoo Life UK)
It has four different heads that can easily be attached and detached from the main body of the device. (Yahoo Life UK)

For example, the ball is good for larger surface areas such as the thighs after a long run, while the cone head is good for pinpointing smaller areas of tension on the back or arms - particularly helpful after lifting weights in the gym.

There's four speeds too, depending on how firm you want your massage to be - I like using the first setting when I wanted to relax and setting three to soothe sore muscles after a 10k run.

Lastly, it comes in a variety of fun, pastel colours, including; pamper pink, mint cream, brave black, baby blue, coral red and cotton white.

For almost £100 less than the Theragun, it's infinitely easier to use on hard-to-reach areas, is lighter and takes up less space - I'm very impressed and wish I'd stumbled across it before I bought a Theragun equivalent.

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Reasons to avoid

If you're in the market for a massage gun, whether that's to soothe sore muscles or for a bit of relaxing TLC, I'd highly recommend the Lola Massage Gun. It's much lighter, cheaper and easier to use than the Theragun Mini.

That said, it's not an essential item, it's very much a luxury purchase, but is worth it if you do a lot of exercise or suffer from tight muscles.

💰 Best deal we've found

Currently the best discount we've found is at QVC, where the Lola Massage Gun has been reduced by £5 from £80 to £75. However, it's selling out fast.

Shop it now: Lola Massage Gun | £80 from Argos

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