LOL, The "Skirt Over Pants" Trend Is Back

But wait! Here are 9 cute ways to style the trend.

<p>Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images</p>

Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images

The fashion pendulum is known for its propensity to swing back and forth, and this time it swung right back into a nostalgic trend most people never thought would resurface. Yep, we’re talking about wearing skirts over pants. And before you write it off with a giant “Nuh-uh, not doing that!” consider that it could be, well, a little fun.

“While this somewhat controversial look has the potential to ignite a dressing challenge and low-grade anxiety for some, done right, it offers a multitude of modern, edgy, and creative style options,” says Brenda Cooper, an Emmy-award winning fashion stylist.

She adds that the pairing is surprisingly versatile, allowing you to take it in a boho-casual direction, dress up your athleisure wear, or even put a trendy twist on traditional office attire (when done tastefully, of course).

9 Ways to Style Skirts Over Pants

Keen on dabbling in the skirt over pants trend? Here are a handful of ways you can style the look, according to stylists.

Lean Into the Flare

When in doubt, opt for a skirt and/or pants with a little bit of a flare on the ends. “Personally, I think that flared pants make up the majority of the pants that work with this trend when paired with any skirt length that has a mirroring outward flare,” says stylist Gabriela Rosales of The Stylist Witch.

Play With Color and Prints

Nothing about the skirts over pants trend is quiet, so feel free to let your clothes shout as loudly as you want. Playing with fun textures, clashing colors, and splashy accessories is the perfect way to do just that.

Layer With a Maxi

“My favorite combination is a flared pant with a maxi skirt—like a peasant skirt—for a grungy yet chic look,” Rosales says. And it doesn’t have to be a skirt. Dresses work, too!

Dress it Down

For a breezy weekend fit, opt for yoga pants or leggings, a stretchy skirt, and your favorite cozy hoodie.

Make it Office Chic

Yep, the skirts over pants look can blend right in at the office. The key is to choose well-tailored, professional pieces, and to keep extra details to a minimum. “Ensure the pants do not have zippers, pleats, pockets, or belt loops, as this will cause lumps and bumps to appear when you pull your skirt over the pants,” Cooper notes.

Go Baggy From H2T

Opt for oversize pants, a long and flowing skirt, and extra large top for a “more is more” approach to this trend. There’s zero doubt you’ll be super comfy all day long.

Wear a Sheer Skirt

Let the silhouette of your pants shine through by wearing a mesh or sheer skirt. This creates a cool layered effect and also gives you a chance to play with texture and details like sequins and sparkles.

Dial up the Denim

“For a more casual take on this look, try a lightweight white or blue denim mini-skirt,” Cooper suggests. You can pair it with denim jeans for a bit of a Britney moment. Pair it with comfy sneakers or dress it up with a strappy sandal for a sexier look, says Cooper.

Keep it Monochromatic

Simplify your outfit by staying in the same color family, or by sticking to just one color. This all-white fit plays with texture and shape to create some dimension.

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