The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Dad’s Post About Being ‘Mum’ For The Day

A dad’s hilarious post about stepping in to take over the childcare reigns is going viral [Photo: Facebook/Brad Kearns]

Stay-at-home mums take note, dad, Brad Kearns, wants you to know he feels your pain!

After being thrust into full-time childcare duty when his wife, Sarah suddenly fell ill with liver failure, the dad-of-two had to step in and “be the mum” to his two little boys. And he detailed his struggle of being a “Dadmum” looking after the smalls in a hilarious and honest Facebook post that’s now going viral.

“You know when your wife always says ‘I wish I could be the dad' and you’re like … It’s the same thing…” Kearns started his post. "Well sit back, relax, grab a drink, some popcorn, clear your schedule and hold onto your bootlaces because I’m about to take you on a ride that could only be likened to a backwards 100mph roller coaster that takes you through waterfalls of vomit, shit and lots of tears.“

Whether you’re dad or mum staying at home with the kids can be tricky [Photo: Facebook/Brad Kearns]

"It all started yesterday,” he explained. “When I had to rush out of work. Because I’m a dad - and dads get respite for 40+ hours per week under the socially acceptable proviso of 'supporting the family’ - while mum continues doing what women seem to so effortlessly do. 'My liver has failed,' read the text message from Sarah. And that’s when I became the mum.

"It’s now been 24 hours…”

The dad-of-two went on to share how utterly exhausting he found just one night alone with his children Knox, two, and Finn, six months, and how the pair managed to break him in just over 12 hours.

“As the night rolls on, my patience wears thin,” writes Kearns, detailing how he fed his two-year-old instant noodles and sat him in front of a DVD. "I reduced myself to keeping Knox quiet by allowing him to place stickers on my (very hairy) legs. He was being quiet - 'It’s okay, I can shave them off in the morning,' was the thought - 'Just don’t wake Finn’.“

Inevitably Finn did wake up, and immediately "f***ing screams from the high heavens…as if I’ve thrown him at a wall by his legs,” he continued.

The Australian dad has now launched a spin-off blog documenting his experiences [Photo: Facebook/Brad Kearns]

Ultimately, the 27-year-old concluded, “That was only 16 hours of being a mum. And I failed. … I have not even mastered the ability to keep my own personal hygiene as a mum let alone the ability to keep a house, educate children, prepare meals and even venture outside for activities."

His post has since been shared over 18K times, received over 19K comments and helped him rack up nearly 62K followers on his new DaDMuM spin off blog.

“It’s good to see a man actually "admit” that our “job” as SAHM’s isn’t easy!” one follower wrote.

“Well done dad you are still alive,” quipped another.

“You absolutely did not fail!!! Your children were cared for, you did an awesome job”

Unfortunately, Brad’s wife is still in hospital, so for the time being he’s still holding the childcare reigns and promising to share the whole ordeal on Facebook. In fact he’s not long posted an update on day two, which was, in his words, slightly better. Onwards and upwards Brad.

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