What links Liz Fraser and Nicolette? The Saturday quiz

<span>Photograph: Ebet Roberts/Redferns</span>
Photograph: Ebet Roberts/Redferns

The questions

1 Walt Disney said, “Gee, this’ll make Beethoven” when he saw which film?
2 What was the first human-made object to leave the solar system?
3 What is the only flightless parrot?
4 Lock & Co is the oldest of what type of shop?
5 Which monarch was crowned under the Royal Nine-Tiered Umbrella?
6 Which island is known as Ibiza’s little sister?
7 Interpol HQ is in which city?
8 Maya Lin designed which Washington DC memorial?
What links:
Liz Fraser; Shara Nelson; Tracey Thorn; Nicolette?
10 Tomato; potato; aubergine; winter cherry?
11 Deane (1); Cantona (100); Newell (1,000); Ferdinand (10,000)?
12 Kara; Kachera; Kirpan; Kesh; Kanga?
13 Bernard Levin; Russell Harty; Chris Rock?
14 Toblerone; Coors; Paramount; North Face?
15 220 and 284; 1184 and 1210; 2620 and 2924?

Digital illustration of the Solar system
So you know all about the solar system? Photograph: rbkomar/Getty Images

The answers

1 Fantasia.
2 Voyager 1 probe (2012).
3 Kākāpō.
4 Hatter.
5 King of Thailand (Vajiralongkorn/Rama X).
6 Formentera.
7 Lyon, France.
8 Vietnam Veterans memorial.

9 Guest vocals on Massive Attack songs.
10 Plants of the nightshade (solanum) genus.
11 Premier League milestone goals.
12 Five Ks of Sikhism.
13 Punched/slapped on live TV (by Desmond Leslie, Grace Jones and Will Smith).
14 Brand logos featuring mountains.
15 First three pairs of “amicable numbers” (sum of divisors of each adds up to the other number).