What links Blue Juice with Point Break? The Saturday quiz

<span>Point Break clue got you pondering?</span><span>Photograph: Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy</span>
Point Break clue got you pondering?Photograph: Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy

The questions

1 Which sci-fi character’s hairstyle was inspired by Mexican revolutionary Clara de la Rocha?
2 What indignity did Sandy Island, New Caledonia, suffer in 2012?
3 Carmen Callil founded which publishing house?
4 Which athlete ate 1,000 chicken nuggets at the 2008 Olympics?
5 ADX Florence in Colorado is the last of what in the US?
6 The Kirkwood gaps are interruptions in what?
7 Which BBC programme for deaf people has run since 1981?
8 Which two Labour party leaders died in office?
What links:
Rankin; Stillz; Weegee; Yevonde; Yosigo?
10 Bann; Tay; Thames; Tywi?
11 1st (unaffiliated); 2nd (Federalist); 3rd (Democratic-Republican)?
12 APA; Chicago; MHRA; MLA?
13 Afar; Amhara; Oromia; Somali; Tigray?
14 Big Wednesday; Blue Crush; Blue Juice; Point Break?
15 Entertainment; Football; History; Money; Politics?

The answers

1 Princess Leia (Star Wars).
2 Proved not to exist.
3 Virago Press.
4 Usain Bolt.
5 Federal “supermax” prison.
6 Asteroid belt.
7 See Hear.
8 Hugh Gaitskell and John Smith.
9 Mononymous photographers.
10 Longest rivers entirely within: Northern Ireland; Scotland; England; Wales.
11 Political affiliations of first three US presidents (Washington, Adams and Jefferson).
12 Academic referencing systems.
13 Regions of Ethiopia.
14 Films featuring surfing.
15 The Rest Is … podcasts.