Lidl cuts down on plastic waste with reusable fruit and veg bags

They've launched the bags in a bid to cut down on plastic waste. [Photo: Lidl]
They've launched the bags in a bid to cut down on plastic waste. [Photo: Lidl]

Trying desperately to open a plastic bag to put your fruit in, is one on the low-points of any supermarket shopping experience.

Do you lick your finger and then try to open it? But, your hands have been touching the trolley and that’s gross. Or, do you rub it between your fingers hoping you’ll get enough friction for it to just magically open?

If you shop in Lidl, this is a problem of the past.

The supermarket chain has launched new reusable fruit and vegetable bags for 69p for two.

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Lidl has launched the bags in a bid to cut down on plastic waste.

Now, you can bring your drawstring bags with you to the supermarket alongside your other reusable grocery bags.

The company prides itself on being “committed to finding ways to reduce plastic waste”.

“We’ve made changes – big and small – over the years to help contribute to this.” Georgina Hall, head of corporate social responsibility at Lidl said.

“Today’s announcement is the next step, and one which we hope will help customers shift to a truly reusable option.”

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Lidl has big plans for plastic use in the future. The supermarket chain aims to reduce plastic waste by 20% by 2022.

In a bid to do this, it will make sure all of its own-brand products are made out of recyclable materials.

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Lidl isn’t the only supermarket with its sustainability hat on.

Morrisons and Sainsbury’s have also opted for loose fruit and vegetables over those - quite frankly - good for nothing plastic bags.

The bags launched yesterday and are already available to pick up ahead of your weekend shop.

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