Liam Neeson: 'I don't do my own stunts'

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Liam Neeson refuses to do his own stunts - but insists on doing fight scenes.

The Northern Irish actor became an action star late in life after a stellar career in prestige drama, following the huge success of his 2008 film Taken.

The grizzled 69-year-old is still one of Hollywood's most sought-after action heroes, but confessed that, unlike Tom Cruise, he leaves dangerous stunts to the professionals.

"I'm not one of these actors who says 'I do my own stunts.' I don't do stunts," he said in a publicity interview for his new Netflix movie The Ice Road.

While he leaves the big stunts to his double, Neeson's trademark fight scenes are mostly him. 

"I do my own fighting," he added. "I like doing that. So, I do that as much as possible. But stunts, no. I leave that up to Mark Vanselow. He is a fight choreographer and he's my stunt double."

Neeson credits Vanselow with helping him become the action star he is today - having worked together on 24 movies. 

"I totally trust him," he explained. "We've done many fight scenes together in various places all over the world with various stuntmen. Mark's like a rock. 

"If he's organising a fight scene, for example, he'll record it first on his iPhone and then he'll show it to me. I might make a couple of suggestions, but more often than not I don't because it looks really good."

The Ice Road, which stars Neeson as a trucker who leads an impossible rescue mission to save the lives of trapped miners stuck below icy water, premieres on 25 June on Netflix.

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