Lee Mead says hiding receding hairline 'affected confidence' before transplant

Lee Mead has told how he underwent a hair transplant because having a high hairline had dented his confidence. The singer and TV star, 41, was known for his head of thick curls but revealed that they had actually been hiding a receding hairline. He recently jetted off to Turkey to have the procedure and showed off his new close-cropped look during an appearance on This Morning.

Video transcript

LEE MEAD: First one was 15 years ago, and it was called FUT. It was-- my recent one was called FEU technique. So the one 15 years ago was, they cut a strip from the back of your head.

- Yeah.

LEE MEAD: So my hairline was quite high. I had a big mop of hair. And--

- We remember. We loved that mop of hair.


LEE MEAD: Yeah. And so I just had my hairline done. So essentially, they lifted the hair, and nobody knew it happened.

- Well, nobody knew because you had so much hair. I mean, I never saw any receding or anything whatsoever. So was it something personal to you, for your own-- I mean, your own well-being?

LEE MEAD: Absolutely. I've always said, there's nothing wrong with being bald at all. But it's a very individual personal thing as to whether you want to be bald or not. And for me, I had this great hair. But I was receding underneath, and it was affecting my confidence a little bit.