These laundry bags for your delicates spell the end of snagging

Woman puts laundry into the washing machine [Photo: Getty]
Here's how to stop your delicates from snagging in the wash. [Photo: Getty]

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I can count on one hand that the number of times I haven’t complained about having to wash my bras.

Not only do they all get tangled up together, snagging the delicate material, they invariably change shape, colour and size, as well as taking a while to unhook from one another afterwards.

Washing my bras one at a time just isn’t feasible - both environmentally and time-wise - so what’s the other option?

Well, as it turns out, the other option comes in the form of £6.11 laundry bags for your bra. Sold on Amazon, they come in a pack of six - meaning they work out at around £1.02 each - and protect your delicates from tangling, snagging, or pulling in washer or dryer.

Buy it: 6 Pack Simplehouseware Laundry Bra Lingerie Bags | £6.11 from Amazon

The set contains two large bags - perfect for larger items of knitwear or activewear - two underwear bags and two specially formulated bra bags.

Simply pop your bra in the designated, double-mesh bag and add to a normal wash.

The undie protectors have received almost 5,500 reviews on the shopping site, with shoppers praising their “sturdy quality” and “great value” as well as various other qualities.

“Amazing bags. Great value for the price. Excellent quality. Much better than my previous dollar store bags. Zippers are clearly good quality. Strongly recommend!” one satisfied customer wrote, while another was impressed by the final result: “Allows water to flow through and clean clothes well while protecting them.”

And if just over a £1 per bag wasn’t value enough, the bags can also be used on other delicate items like tights and socks or fragile items of clothing, as well as doubling up as packing cubes for when you travel.

It’s a mammary-based miracle!

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