All About Lana Del Rey’s Rumored Ex-Fiancé Evan Winiker

All About Lana Del Rey’s Rumored Ex-Fiancé Evan Winiker

In March 2023, it was rumored that the romantically mysterious singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has become engaged to Range Media Partners’ Evan Winiker. This was quite a surprise to fans, as the relationship has been kept so low-key no one seemed to even know they were dating.

They have been spotted together in public a few times over the past few months, according to Billboard. In September of 2022 they were seen at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off festival. In March, they were spotted at Pappy and Harriet’s restaurant in Pioneertown, California.

But ahead of December, Del Rey shut down engagement rumors herself, saying she was single in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Here's everything we know about Winiker and his history with Del Rey.

Who is Evan Winiker?

Winiker is a managing partner at Range Media, moving there in 2021 after four years at Full Stop

“I'm beyond thankful for all the love and memories shared over the last few years with my Full Stop family, and thrilled to be embarking on this new journey,” he told Variety at the time. “As a manager, it's always my goal to surround my clients with the best teams in all areas. This eco system is truly that. It's an environment of forward thinking people who look beyond the boundaries and walls that are categorically put in place, allowing them to open new doors and reach new peaks that we dream up.”

Winiker is also a musician. He played for the band Steel Train, which boasts producer Jack Antonoff as a member, and they have toured pretty extensively. Winiker played for concerts with Tegan and Sara, Ben Folds, The Fray, and Silversun Pickups.

How did Lana Del Rey and Evan Winiker meet?

Well, Antonoff frequently collaborates with Del Rey on her work, most recently working on her new album Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. That might be their connection, or it may simply be that they're both big names in the music business and have likely crossed paths frequently.

What have the couple said about their relationship?

Essentially, almost nothing. But Winiker did post a carousel of photos in October of 2022 that included Del Rey in a group photo at a Halloween party.

When did Winiker and Del Rey end their relationship?

That’s unclear. Since news first broke of their engagement, Del Rey never commented on it or confirmed it herself. She kept her love life private in the months since, leading some fans to question her relationship status.

On November 21, Harper’s Bazaar published an interview with Del Rey, where she revealed she is single. She spoke about a recent breakup but did not disclose who it was with, although Winiker is the last person to whom she has been romantically linked.

She said of the breakup: “I feel like even the most chill guy doesn’t really want to chill here [at my house, which was described as being more modest]. Sadly, part of you knows … that ain’t it. … That one shocked me. I won’t name names and whatever, but that one really shocked me, that person. That was actually the end of a relationship.”

On what more her ex wanted, “That’s a tough nut to swallow. In that person’s case, there was something going on with them, like a little bubble ego. See, I don’t get to have one anymore. It’s been smashed to … what do you call it? Smithereens. I’m sure it’s somewhere in my toe. That’s it. I’d love to grow one. I’m learning how. I’m learning. I know what I want.”

When asked whether she is in love, she responded: “I’m definitely not in love right now. No. Absolutely not in love. Have been, but no.”

On whether it’s something she wants, she shrugged: “Well, I’ll tell you. It hasn’t crossed my mind in the last five months on the road or here yet. But give it a week. My history, sure, it’s coming for me at some point. Yeah. It would be interesting if it didn’t. It would be interesting if it didn’t.”

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