New Kylie music rumoured as DJ Joel Corry teases work together in LA studio

DJ Joel Corry has teased that new music is on the way and has revealed that he’s been in the studio with Kylie Minogue.

Joel, who is dating former Love Island star Coco Lodge, opened up about his music career while at the 2024 BAFTA TV Awards in London on Sunday, 12 May and shared how despite spending a lot of this year away on tour, he has been busy working on new music in the studio.

“I haven't been watching TV at all this year – I spend all my time away on tour. I was saying to someone else, since I’ve been touring so much I’m on a coach all the time so I don’t get to watch TV anymore but I’m DJing tonight at the after party,” he said.

Joel Corry
Joel Corry has revealed that new music is on the way -Credit:Dave Benett/BAFTA/Getty Images for BAFTA

“I’m looking forward to the ceremony. This is my first day back in the UK for quite a long time.”

34 year old Joel, who is known for hits including Sorry, Lonely and Head & Heart, added that while he’s been away he’s been working on music with pop legend Kylie but remained tight-lipped about the specifics.

“I’m a big Kylie fan. I was in the studio with Kylie recently actually. We were in LA together working on some music. I can’t say much more, but watch this space,” he revealed.

Kylie Minogue
Joel has been in the recording studio with Kylie Minogue -Credit:L. Busacca/Getty Images for TIME

Joel isn’t the only celebrity to make an exciting announcement at this year’s BAFTA TV Awards. During an interview with OK!, Love Island stars Will Young and Jessie Wynter shared their plans to start a family together.

“We're currently searching for a house because we are going to buy together. That's what's been taking our time up – it's actually really hard to find a house,” Jessie, 27, explained, when discussing their relationship.

Meanwhile, Will, 25, added: “Yeah we've got to get a house and then get ready for the baby,” and put his hand on Jessie’s stomach before adding, “hopefully soon”.

Joel told fans to "watch this space"
Joel told fans to "watch this space" -Credit:Patrick Khachfe/Getty Images

In response to her beau’s comments, Jessie clarified how she’d mentioned that she wanted to have a baby after finding a home together. “I said we're not having a baby until we have a house, so he said ‘let's get on that’,” she added.

And speaking about their future together, the TV personality explained how she needed to get the “ball rolling”.

“Of course we both want children,” she said. “I'm turning 28 this year so we've got to get the ball rolling soon.”