Kylie Jenner's eyeshadows are giving people banging headaches, apparently

Kylie eyeshadow
What’s going on? [Photo: Instagram/Kylie Cosmetics]

When deciding whether to purchase any item of makeup, its smell isn’t usually a priority – though if it does have a nice scent, hey, it’s a bonus.

But if it smells actively bad? That’s another thing altogether.

Customers have reportedly said that not only do Kylie Jenner’s eyeshadows smell a bit off, but are even claiming that they’re causing “chemical-induced” headaches.

According to TMZ, at least 15 Kylie Cosmetics fans have complained about the items, even claiming that they have given them headaches.

Not only did customers say that the famous Kyshadows smelt like “chemicals and glue”, but one said that the smell of The Royal Peach shade was so sickening she had to keep it out of the house.

Swatches from THE DIARY ????????????????

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At least one customer apparently complained to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about a “horrible headache” too.

Thankfully, after the BBB and Kylie Cosmetics itself looked into the matter, they discovered that the strange adhesive smell wasn’t coming from the actual product itself but the packaging.

So Kylie Cosmetics apparently says it is indeed safe to use.

There hasn’t been any word about the packaging being changed or anything like that to our knowledge, but the BBB at least says complaints have gone down.

Not ideal.

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