Kylie Jenner channels her inner Marilyn Monroe with new white bob

kylie jenner bride of frankenstein hairstyle
Kylie channels her inner Marilyn with blonde curlsMARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA - Getty Images

Kylie Jenner has been firing out look after look this Halloween, and in an unexpected turn of events, has been dishing up some pretty impressive digital art with her usual costume frenzy. Sharing a series of sci-fi-style shots created by L.A based photographer and director, Jora Frantzis.

In one such set of stylised snaps, the youngest Kar-Jenner can be seen fighting aliens while sporting Marilyn Monroe-esque white blonde curls. A sentence we didn't wake up thinking we'd be writing today.

Copying big sister Kim with her own Marilyn moment, the dose of Hollywood hair glamour in the sci-fi snaps was thanks to stylist Jesus Guerrero, with makeup by Kylie's long-term number one Ariel Tejada, naturally.

Is this Kylie's bid for a Marvel casting? We're fully backing it on the condition these curls are part of the deal.

Creator of the scene, Jora Frantzis, filled us in on exactly what was going on, writing; "King Ky of the Sky Most High @kyliejenner saving our planet from an imminent alien invasion one deadly space octopus at a time 🔫🔫🐙"

The white blonde curls look almost blue in second snap, showing Kylie on an epic space race, and we want to know what hair spray is keeping that look in place in an intergalactic grande prix.

Just when we thought things couldn't get weirder, the snaps were followed up with a second set of images created by Jora, and we can't tell where the illustration ends.

We're kind of obsessed?

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