Kyle Richards' beauty secret

Kyle Richards' beauty secret credit:Bang Showbiz
Kyle Richards' beauty secret credit:Bang Showbiz

Kyle Richards' beauty secret is cryo sticks.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star admitted she became obsessed with the product - which are designed to help soothe and calm reactive and sensitive skins - after a facialist used cryo sticks on her.

Speaking in an Amazon Live video, she said: "The facialist said to me, ‘You know, we’re going to use these cryo sticks on your face,’ and she pulled them out of the refrigerator, and oh my god, it took my facial to another level.

“So, you’re supposed to put them in the freezer, so what I do is I put them in the freezer and then I move them to [the skincare fridge]. I use them — you don’t understand, guys. They feel like a miracle.

"Any puffiness or swelling that I had - completely gone. I cannot tell you how good this feels, guys. I cannot believe I lived without these before."

Meanwhile, Kyle previously revealed one of the keys to her youthful looks is that she dyes her hair every 10 days.

She said: "As someone who is constantly battling my roots, I swear by the Madison Reed Radiant Hair Kit because it leaves my hair shiny, soft and looking gorgeous, and is made with ingredients I can feel good about. Since I have to dye my hair almost every 10 days, their subscription service means I never run out for those last-minute touch-ups."