Kristin Davis hilariously reacts to Nara Smith’s homemade gum recipe

Kristin Davis jokingly mocks Nara Smith’s gum recipe  (@kristindavis on TikTok)
Kristin Davis jokingly mocks Nara Smith’s gum recipe (@kristindavis on TikTok)

Kristin Davis is in her “Nara Smith” era – at least she’s trying to be.

The Sex and the City lead hilariously attempted to copy the 22-year-old TikTok mother known for her homemade recipes, making everything from raspberry lemon sorbet to chewing gum from scratch. Davis, 59, posted a video on 13 May, jokingly “copying” Smith’s gum recipe.

“Am I doing this right?” Davis asked.

The Couples Retreat actress dueted the TikTok influencer’s gum-making video, mirroring her actions. Davis started by lying a wooden cutting board on the kitchen counter.

Next, Davis followed Smith’s instruction and placed a piece of wax paper on top of the flat surface. Then, the And Just Like That star went rogue. Rather than pulling out the necessary ingredients, Davis took out a bowl and filled it with individually wrapped pieces of Trident and 5 Gum.

She carefully placed them inside her bowl as Smith continued to make the mixture alongside her.

“I think I crushed it,” Davis quipped.

The TV star’s followers fawned over her joke attempt, admitting they thought her actions resembled something her Sex and the City character, Charlotte, would do.

“I felt like Charlotte was doing this. You did amazing, Kristin,” one fan wrote, while another said: “Omg, you win the internet today. Thanks for the laugh!”

“The only way to replicate this,” a third joked.

One person sarcastically added: “Wonderful execution. Perfectly served too!”

Smith has been gaining traction on TikTok for well over a year. She’s known to post soothing cooking videos, calming trips to the grocery store, and daily vlogs as a mother of three. Her videos usually attract anywhere between nine to 40 million views.

Just two weeks after giving birth to her youngest, Whimsy Lou, Smith was back in the kitchen cooking homemade blueberry lemon sourdough bread and cornflakes.

When Smith posted her recipe for bubblegum, her viewers questioned why she had “gum base” in her pantry.

“Who has gum base lying around at home?” one perplexed person asked.

Another noted: “During all my years earth, I’ve never seen someone make homemade bubble gum.”