Kristen Stewart Ditches Red Carpet Rules, Wears Trainers And Denim To Film Festival

All hail Kristen Stewart’s laid-back red carpet style. [Photo: Rex]

Kristen Stewart has never been a frilly, floral frock-wearing type, but she usually puts on something sparkly - or a pair of heels - at dressy events.

But at Sundance Film Festival, she decided to f*** the frock and took to the red carpet in a pair of trainers and trousers. And she looked cool as.

The “Twilight” star did away with the restrictive dress and painful shoes and looked more comfortable than any celeb ever in a pair of Adidas lace-ups, straight leg trousers and an androgynous denim jacket. Basically, the ultimate casual look.

Check out those fierce smoky eyes. [Photo: Rex]

The actress teamed her laid-back ensemble with some heavy eyeliner, adding to the androgynous vibe. She kept her short locks tousled, slightly messy and swept over one side.

All-in-all, the ultimate comfy red carpet look. Style. Goals.

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