Kristen Bell reveals rule she and Dax Shepard follow about arguing in front of their daughters

Actress Kristen Bell freely admits that, like most parents, she and husband Dax Shepard sometimes argue in front of their daughters, Delta, five, and Lincoln, four.

After all, they’ve been together for a decade and married for more than six years — spats are going to happen.

When they do, the former The Good Place star and Shepard make sure to follow an important rule.

“My husband did say something pretty genius when the kids were little,” Bell tells Yahoo. “He said, ‘I think a lot of children see grumpy behaviour and they never see the resolution. If we have an argument at dinner time, we put them to bed, they go to bed, and then in the bedroom, [we] apologise to one another. But they never see that. So how on earth are we supposed to give them coping skills to have any conflict resolution? So, we said, let’s make a pact to always apologise in front of them.”

Bell swoons at the memory.

“Isn’t that cute? I know, he thought of that,” the Michigan native says.

She and Shepard have been thinking about what works and doesn’t work in their relationship for years — almost from the start. It comes naturally by now.

“We started couples’ therapy before we ever got married, because we knew we would not survive without it,” Bell explains.

“When we entered into this relationship, we were like, we want to be on the porch together when we’re 80. OK, so how do we get there?”

Bell has also teamed with her husband in an altogether different venture. They are two of the co-founders for Hello Bello, a company striving to provide premium baby products at budget prices. It’s something that Bell has seen a need for in her own life.

“When I became a mom [sic], I was able to go to an L.A. boutique and buy a premium baby care product and not look at the price, but my friends in Michigan didn’t have that luxury, because of budgetary restrictions and accessibility issues,” Bell says.

“And I thought, ‘Hmm, I can leverage the platform that I have to fill that gap, that void in the market.’”

Of course, they introduced their products together on Instagram, referring to each other as mum and dad.