I Kissed A Girl: Meet the cast of the UK’s newest dating show

The cast of I Kissed A Girl
Cara, Abbie, Fiorenza, Naee, Meg, Demi, Amy, Lisha, Georgia, and Priya (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

I Kissed A Girl is coming! The follow-up to the popular show I Kissed A Boy (IKAB) – the UK’s first gay dating series – the new series promises plenty of drama and twists. It is also the UK’s first dating show for girls who like girls.

Much like IKAB, I Kissed A Girl will see 10 girls enter an Italian Masseria. First, they will be matched up by producers. The girls will then meet in pairs where their first interaction will be a kiss. The new series is set to debut soon, in May 2024.

IKAB proved popular with audiences when it debuted on the BBC in 2023 for creating a show that represented real LGBTQ+ men talking about things queer men talk about. Hopefully, I Kissed A Girl will do the same. One thing we know for sure is that Dannii Minogue is returning to host proceedings while comedian and TikTok star Charley Marlowe will provide the voiceover. Layton Williams voiced IKAB.

So, let’s meet the girls!

Abbie, Make-up artist & hair stylist

I Kissed A Girl Abbie
Abbie (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“What I loved most about the show was how comfortable I instantly felt around all the girls, in a judgement free environment, allowing myself to be vulnerable in conversations around sexuality.”

Abbie describes her dating history as ‘disastrous’, and now she wants to find a girlfriend who will treat her like a princess.

Amy, Social media manager

Amy (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“We made Herstory! I can only imagine the sense of validation and belonging that me and my sisters would have felt had we had this kind of representation on our telly growing up (the closet was cramped in our house). From me, you can expect boots, boob and a boatload of banter.”

Amy has been single for three years and is beginning to feel like she’s been left on the shelf. She is a hopeless romantic and wants to find a ‘princess’ in the Masseria that she can take home and live happily ever after with.

Cara, Support worker

Cara (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“Coming from a small town in Northern Ireland, the rare chance to be in an environment exclusively full of queer women was an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Cara admits that she can have her walls up when it comes to relationships and she’s hoping that her experience in the Masseria will help her let her guard down. When it comes to flirting, Cara says that if she likes someone, she’ll usually struggle to hold eye contact.

Demi, Publishing executive

I Kissed A Girl Demi
Demi (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“I was able to be one hundred percent unapologetically myself and I got to experience being part of a close-knit queer community.”

Demi’s still working out where she fits into the mad queer dating scene, and she is open-minded about what her ‘type’ may be. She’s excited to meet a girl with a first kiss but expects she’s going to fluff it up somehow.

Fiorenza, Drummer for Uninvited

IKAG Fiorenza
Fiorenza (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“I’m very proud to be a part of the show, especially the first season for the girls! It should have existed years ago. We need more representation for lesbian relationships and what the dating life of a lezza entails as it’s such a unique and special thing that should be shown everywhere!”

Fiorenza loves an assertive girl who is hard to get – known to the dating scene as a ‘Black Cat’. As the only single member of her band, Fiorenza is hoping that she can find her perfect cat in the Masseria.

Georgia, Professional footballer

IKAG Georgia
Georgia (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“My goal was not to cry on television and I think I made it to day two. It’s amazing that there’s finally a show like this out there. It’s incredible representation and I’m just so glad I got to be a part of it.”

Georgia wants to meet a girl who has her own ambitions, and who understands that football is a big part of her life.

Lisha, Psychology undergraduate

IKAG Lisha
Lisha (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“The show is a step forward for the LGBTQ+ community and will hopefully help others have the courage to come out and be true to themselves.”

Lisha has had relationships with girls in the past, but she says it’s been tricky to find the right dynamic. She tends to take a more dominant role in a relationship, but it can be frustrating when partners only want to see her in the ‘masc’ box and don’t let her express her feminine side too.

Meg, Firebreather

I Kissed A Girl Meg
Meg (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“I loved the opportunity to meet so many beautiful queer girlies and being able to explore my type. I will definitely be bringing some heat to the show… in many ways.”

Meg hates labels, but if she had to label herself she would say she’s ‘bisexual with more of a preference towards women’. She is looking for someone who can match her energy, someone who has a good heart, and someone who would never make her feel second best.

Naee, Engineer

I Kissed A Girl Naee
Naee (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“I am proud to represent masculine-presenting women of colour who are gay. You do not see a lot of us on TV so I’m proud to be an addition to that little presented category. Viewers can expect their heads to be glued to the TV honestly. It is THAT good.”

Naee loves to take the lead in a relationship and treat her girlfriend like a princess. She says she quite likes a girl behind the wheel, but she’ll take care of everything else – she will carry your bags and open the doors.

Priya, Hotel customer service

IKAG Priya
Priya (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“Being a Punjabi woman, I am so proud to represent my heritage and the South Asian community. This show embodies love, diversity, and being unapologetically queer.”

Priya says in the past she once set her distance setting on hinge to a location in America. Priya admits she has a habit of falling fast for girls and she’s also trying to learn to take things at a slower pace.

Eva, Fashion graduate (The first new girl to enter the Masseria)

I Kissed A Girl Eva
Eva (Image: Corinne Cumming/BBC)

“I used to search and search the internet for any WLW (women who love women) when coming to terms with my sexuality, so something like this is amazing.”

Eva’s favourite traits in women are confidence, ambition, and also independence. Her biggest red flag is when her date drops the ‘love bomb’ too early. Eva admits she’s the biggest flirt going and she can’t wait to join the Masseria for an amazing summer ‘surrounded by fit girls’.

The first two episodes of I Kissed a Girl will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 5 May. New episodes of I Kissed A Girl will then air on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday night at 9pm.

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