Khloé Kardashian reveals plans to eat her own placenta after giving birth, just like sisters' Kim and Kourtney

Khloé Kardashian has revealed plans to eat her placenta after giving birth [Photo: Instagram/KhloeKardashian]
Khloé Kardashian has revealed plans to eat her placenta after giving birth [Photo: Instagram/KhloeKardashian]

Khloé Kardashian is planning to follow in sister, Kim’s footsteps by eating her placenta in pill form after she gives birth.

The reality TV star, who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, was revealing all about her pregnancy and birth plan on this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

And it seems she’s keen to keep to keep at least one Kardashian family tradition going. Like older sisters Kim and Kourtney before her, Khloé is planning on eating her placenta after her new baby arrives.

During the episode Kim Kardashian, who ate her placenta following the birth of her daughter North and son Saint, gave her younger sibling insight into her experience of the pills during the episode.

“My placenta was like double the size, it was really oddly big, so she gave me two jars,” Kim revealed.

Though Kourtney was not there for the Kim and Khloé placenta-eating discussion, she is also an advocate of the post-birth process.

Shortly after giving birth to her third child, Reign Disick, she shared a picture of her placenta pills to Instagram alongside the caption: “Yummy…PLACENTA pills! No joke…I will be sad when my placenta pills run out. They are life changing! #benefits #lookitup.”

The Kardashian’s certainly aren’t the only celebrities to advocate the eating of placenta pills.

Rochelle Humes, Coleen Rooney and January Jones are all rumoured to have had their baby’s placenta turned into capsules via a process of steaming, dehydrating and grounding.

Some experts believe the digesting of placenta pills can give mums a post-birth energy boost, while others think the capsules can help in avoiding postnatal depression and reducing pain after delivery.

But according to recent research, doubts now surround those perceived benefits.

A study, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, involving 12 women who took placenta capsules and 15 who took placebo pills in the weeks after giving birth, tested the efficacy of placenta capsules in promoting various health benefits, including stemming the onset of postpartum ‘baby blues’ and depression of new mothers.

The results of the research, published in the online journal Women and Birth, found that such claims are not clearly supported.

It isn’t the first time in recent months that the subject of placenta pills has created controversy. Earlier this year a doctor warned that as well as providing no obvious health boost, eating your placenta is actually bordering on cannibalism.

That followed a warning issued by experts about the dangers of consuming your placenta.

New research by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suggested that not only does eating the placenta not have any proven positive effects, mums who chose to eat their placentas could be putting their baby’s health at risk.

And apparently, people aren’t just consuming their placenta to boost their recovery after birth. Earlier this year we revealed that some women are ingesting a compound found in the placenta and urine of pregnant women as an extreme form of weightloss.

While the jury on placenta pills might still be out, Khloe Kardashian and co have every right to choose the post-birth practice that best suits them. And if that means consuming their placenta via pills, as long as they’ve sought appropriate medical advice, then so be it.

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