Kharkiv Zoo Hosts Unique Charity Art Show

Kharkiv’s Feldman Ecopark Zoo hosted a unique art show and auction featuring works by famous Ukrainian artists on 1 June 2022. Paintings were put up for auction to raise funds for the country’s military, help sick children and to restore the zoo which also functions as a community and educational centre but has been destroyed by Russian bombing- At the Unconquered Art exhibition-auction 14 paintings were sold to buyers from Ukraine, and as far afield as Germany, the U.S., and Israel. These included an easel painting by the famous master of Petrykivka (a traditional decorative Ukrainian style) painting Tamara Vakulenko and Labyrinth, a series of paintings by masters of applied art Maria Osadchaya and Anna Pavlyukevich-Chernetskaya. The event was held at the city’s AVEC gallery, a building badly damaged by Russian shelling. The zoo’s animals have had to be removed due to the conflict and the city’s position in the East of Ukraine - near to the frontlines but they are seeking donations to rebuild once the war is over.

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