KFC's 80-Piece Popcorn Chicken Bucket Is BACK And It's A Bargain!

Bobbie Edsor
·1-min read

From Delish

KFC’s incredible 80-piece Popcorn Chicken Bucket is BACK ON THE KFC MENU. Excuse me while I do a little dance.

That’s right: you can now get 80 golden, crispy nuggets of boneless, perfectly seasoned KFC chicken (fried chicken chicken?) all in one big bucket. That’s more Popcorn Chicken than you can shake a wing at.

Yes, you’re probably meant to share this bucket with a friend (or two), but honestly, we’re not judging anyone. If you can polish off 80 pieces of Popcorn Chicken on your own, you’re a hero. We love you. Never change.

Right now, the KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket can be yours for just £5.99! But this mega-bucket won't be around forever - we've been told that this deal is only available until 2 May. The 80-piece sharing bucket is available via takeaway and mobile ordering through the KFC app.

Photo credit: From The Supplier
Photo credit: From The Supplier

If you plan on taking on the 80-piece bucket on your own, you may want to slip into your stretchy pants. Oh, and don't forget to grab some heartburn tablets.

And if that KFC-based news wasn't exciting enough, the Colonel is also offering a deal on chicken wings. Again, until 2 May, you can get yourself 20 Hot Wings for £10. This finger-lickin' good deal is available for delivery across Deliveroo, UberEats and Just Eat.

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