Fans impressed by Kerry Washington's bare-faced selfies revealing her glowing skin and natural curls

Kerry Washington has shared a series of bare-faced selfies, pictured in October 2017. (Getty Images)
Kerry Washington has shared a series of bare-faced selfies, pictured in October 2017. (Getty Images)

Kerry Washington has revealed her natural beauty in a series of bare-faced selfies posted on Instagram.

The 44-year-old actor is currently directing episodes of Insecure, but took time out from her work schedule to curate her own photoshoot.

Sharing the results with her 6.3 million followers, the Little Fires Everywhere star carried off the no make-up look to perfection.

As well as shining a light on her flawless skin, the collection of images also highlighted her natural curls.

“In between directing @insecurehbo...directed my own photo shoot,” Washington captioned the image collection, before going on to credit @toryburch for her “supes cute and comfy director ‘fit’”.

While many of us would shudder at the thought of sharing a close-up, particularly while not wearing any make-up, if we had a flawless skin like Washington we might be a little braver when it comes to going bare-faced.

Her natural glow certainly didn’t go unnoticed with her fans, with many heading to the comments to remark on her ageless look.

“Skin and hair poppin,” one user wrote.

“This is a SKIN FLEX. And I’m here for it,” Boomerang star Brittany Inge wrote.

“Ageing in reverse,” another fan commented.

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In the past, Washington has opened up about her skin care routine and the simple rules she tries to stick to.

The actor and director shared the tips she uses to keep her complexion flawless in a YouTube video for Vogue in 2020.

For a start, she stresses that looking after your skin should be viewed as more than just pampering. “I do think of my skincare routine as self-love,” she said.

“Self-care isn’t about fixing yourself or twisting yourself into a pretzel to please other people,” she went on to add. “It’s really about being the best version of you.”

One of the other skin care tips the star swears by is the importance of keeping yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

“I look and feel better when I’m drinking water all day long,” she previously told Allure.

Getting her H20 fix is something Washington credits her mother for. “My mom was definitely one of those ‘Before you have a cup of juice, you have to have a cup of water’ moms,” Kerry told the publication.

“I wouldn’t call her a water connoisseur, but she really appreciates it.”

Another simple skin care must for Washington is taking your make-up off before bed.

“I never go to sleep with make-up on,” she told Bobbi Brown and Yahoo. “I wear make-up at work every day and then cook underneath lights, so I always have those remover wipes in my bag because they get everything—even waterproof mascara.”

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Perhaps because she has to wear a lot of make-up while on set, on her non-work days the actor likes to let her skin breathe by going minimal.

“On my days off, I am really a no make-up (or very little make-up) girl,” the Neutrogena spokesperson told Brown.

“I think a little concealer is great and I love mascara. A little lip, a little eye - I feel like you are good to go!”

Another reason her skin maintains its ageless look is because Washington insists on wearing SPF, opting for a formula that ensures a sheer coverage.

“I really like sunscreen sticks—they’re great because you can throw them in your bag and they don’t leak,” Washington told Glamour.

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As well as piling on the sunscreen, Washington also believes in the importance of moisturising.

While her skin care routine “might change a lot” depending on where she’s working, the actor told Canadian Living she always makes sure she uses a moisturiser and is a particular fan of those containing hyaluronic acid, a skin-plumping ingredient.

Moisturising is particularly important for Washington because she has eczema, a condition that results in itchy, flaky patches of dry skin.

The actor told Allure that she’s been seeing a dermatologist since before she was a teen.

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