Kelly Brook fires back at fat-shaming trolls who attacked her bikini photo

Kelly Brook was fat-shamed after sharing this, now deleted, image to Instagram [Photo: Instagram/iamkb]
Kelly Brook was fat-shamed after sharing this, now deleted, image to Instagram [Photo: Instagram/iamkb]

Kelly Brook has become the latest victim of celebrity fat-shaming.

The 37-year-old model has been happily documenting her romantic French getaway with boyfriend Jeremy Parisi and recently uploaded a stunning picture of her bikini-clad in the sea to Instagram.

“Swimming in Lac st Croix last week #verdongorge #Lacsaintecroix #Provence #RoadTrip,” she captioned the shot.

But while the beautiful image was flooded with positive comments, some online trolls took the opportunity to take aim at Kelly’s figure, criticising her curves.

“Fatty bum bum,” one Instagram user wrote.

“U got fat [sic],” added another.

“Maybe you should loose 5 kg but you are beautiful in anyway,” yet another user commented.

Thankfully though Kelly had the perfect response to the fat-shaming trolls.

“I have thick skin!! Literally,” she jokingly fired back in response to a supportive fan who slammed her body critics on Twitter.

Before adding: “I have lovely smart people follow me on social media who I like talking with! I will not let the negativity of a few stop me sharing.”

Holiday Vibes #Provence #France #RoadTrip #HotelGalicci ❤️ @jeremyparisi

A post shared by Kelly Brook (@iamkb) on Jul 16, 2017 at 9:59am PDT

And not wanting to give the body shamers any other opportunity to comment on her looks, she defiantly removed the original image from Instagram.

But for every body-shaming troll commenting on Kelly’s physique, there were hundreds of body-praising supporters.

“Perfect figure, so beautiful xxx… Beautiful… Curvy goddess… Body goals… Girl if you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple’ (sic),” one fan wrote.

“Boom. Go you curvaceous beauty,” another fan penned.

“Ignore the keyboard warriors! You are stunning and an inspiration to so many females around the world. So thank you xx” yet another user commented.

It comes just two weeks after Kelly was accused of Photoshopping a picture of herself sunbathing.

She had shared an image of her relaxing on holiday in a cleavage-enhancing black swimsuit but her followers were quick to point out a bend in the decking behind her, which suggested she may have edited the size of her waist.

“Photoshopped! Just look at the decking! You don’t need to do that!! You have a great body!” one user commented.

Another added, “Were you drunk when you edited this? Come on at least make it convincing.”

Fountains in Aix de Provence

A post shared by Kelly Brook (@iamkb) on Jul 16, 2017 at 3:42am PDT

Kelly is the latest in a long line of celebrities who have been body-shamed of late. Earlier this year pop superstar Rihanna became a victim after blogger Chris Spags wrote a controversial post questioning her weight.

The post, titled “Is Rihanna Going To Make Being Fat The Hot New Trend?” was published to Barstool Sports on Tuesday and gems from the unpleasant extract include accusing the singer of “rocking some new high key thickness” and claiming it is “time to worry if you’re not a guy who fancies himself a chubby chaser.” Nice.

And in February Lady Gaga was taken to task for her Superbowl performance in which she strutted her stuff on stage in some skimpy, glittery hotpants. Her body crime? Showing off the teeniest (need-a-magnifying-glass-to-spot-it) belly paunch.

“Tried to enjoy @ladygaga’s performance, was distracted by the flab on her stomach swinging around,” one pleasant person tweeted.

“Lady Gaga needs to work on her abs, all I can look at is her belly flop around,” added another.

And body-shaming isn’t always focussed on fat, Holly Willoughby has recently found herself on the receiving end of thin-shaming.

Too fat, too thin, seems like celebrities can’t win. Body shamers be gone!

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